Hi! I'm Matt from Demolition Ranch and Vet Ranch!
I don't only shoot guns and fix puppies, let me show you!!!


  • Grant Herrod
    Grant Herrod23 hours ago

    What ever happened to Danger Dave? We haven’t seen him for the longest time

  • TaNkSaLoT100
    TaNkSaLoT10023 hours ago

    Mere’s obviously doing 5k T burnout lol

  • Peter Hartz
    Peter Hartz23 hours ago

    I cross that bridge twice a night. Welcome to my neck of the woods

  • Jake Bayman
    Jake Bayman23 hours ago

    Demolition delivery

  • adam jeffrey
    adam jeffrey23 hours ago

    You should call it the bug out bunker

  • slsk9
    slsk923 hours ago

    Trailer Name: Total Domination or Demo Limo

  • Fille Tofflan
    Fille TofflanDay ago

    youtube algorithm already got your back xD

  • Nathan Kowalski
    Nathan KowalskiDay ago

    I think a great name is king

  • Dave Jacobs
    Dave JacobsDay ago

    Bunker Bandit 1 you should keep that Ford Dooley that's a beautiful set up

  • Joshua Feagle
    Joshua FeagleDay ago

    Call it the T-shirt 350.

  • Pantry Raidz
    Pantry RaidzDay ago

    Mere Force One and a Half.

  • MrTheshooter1
    MrTheshooter1Day ago

    Freedom force jr.

  • Blake Davis
    Blake DavisDay ago

    The black box

  • Cody Clem
    Cody ClemDay ago

    Your like a hr or so away from me. Dang id like to meet ya

  • Darryl Wag
    Darryl WagDay ago

    Don’t tell mere😂

  • Mike Kimathi Van Ruijven
    Mike Kimathi Van RuijvenDay ago

    The f350 + trailer name mad motor

  • VTRed Neck
    VTRed NeckDay ago

    The demohauler

  • Kolby Karstedt
    Kolby KarstedtDay ago

    Darth Toter

  • jckatz
    jckatzDay ago

    Your trailer should be black beauty.

  • Matt Nix
    Matt NixDay ago

    Demo Hauler

  • Gabriel
    GabrielDay ago

    Hey man someone post a video of mere doing the burn out.I want to give you the heads up 😅😅

  • Michael Joseph May
    Michael Joseph MayDay ago

    Very creative

  • BabyFlurryHeart
    BabyFlurryHeartDay ago

    Demo unit

  • 1strixer1
    1strixer1Day ago

    Call the trailer Express wagon.

  • Hayden Waters
    Hayden WatersDay ago

    Yes thank God Kentucky ballistics is ok!

  • Cal Landon
    Cal LandonDay ago

    “The Demo Hauler”???

  • Nick Lopez,Jr.
    Nick Lopez,Jr.Day ago

    Hehe call it Elite 300 😉😉

  • Scotty Red
    Scotty RedDay ago

    Bunkdora's Box

  • glenda carpenter
    glenda carpenterDay ago

    i would love to see a Buckeys here in Tenn. it would beat out wallmart which every one here would love to see

  • Zachary Abner
    Zachary AbnerDay ago

    you gotta have a meet up in indiana

  • charlie mcmillan jr
    charlie mcmillan jrDay ago

    It was great to see the crew in Indy. Loved Mere's burn 🔥out. Please build her a car and call it "The Night Mere". And call the new rig "The Demo Limo" and the trailer "The Bunker Box". It was great to finally meet you in person. Please bring 2 cars next year.

  • Eff Wrench
    Eff WrenchDay ago


  • Adam Story
    Adam StoryDay ago

    Y'all driving over the Cairo Bridge may have been one of the braver things that you have done.

  • Stubby 1911
    Stubby 1911Day ago

    At 5:34 on footage did you fart? Lol

  • Keziah Yates
    Keziah YatesDay ago

    Used to watch your channel all the time then my interests changed. But ive now just stumbled upon you again. Oh how the USplan algorithm works its magic!

  • Deni Gong
    Deni GongDay ago

    A real man hugs they're people and robs reactions just shows how comfortable he is with himself

  • Cameron D
    Cameron DDay ago

    freedom force .22 :D

  • RooksEmpire
    RooksEmpireDay ago

    "Demo Force 1"

  • Shantanu Mukherjee
    Shantanu MukherjeeDay ago

    Demolition on wheels ladies and gentlemen

  • Jon Brown
    Jon BrownDay ago

    Demolition task force would be legit

  • Mason Gibeault
    Mason GibeaultDay ago

    Call the rig Heavy T!

  • gianna molinari
    gianna molinariDay ago

    Oh 5.41 soooooorrrrrryyyyyyyy...... epic fail.......

  • gianna molinari
    gianna molinariDay ago

    I think that now matt wants to enjoy his journey. He don't want to talk about this but he will do it when the fun is over. You know, it's totally ok for me.

  • gianna molinari
    gianna molinariDay ago

    1:33 they have stuff furrever... hahahahahah

  • John Smith
    John SmithDay ago

    I don't understand what the deal is with that POS Elchromino. It's ugly and stupid. He drove all the way up there and hauled that shit car with him to do a burnout?? Am I missing something?

  • casey lamarche
    casey lamarcheDay ago

    Driving a Ford and chevrolet wears a Cummins shirt

  • Charles La Porte
    Charles La PorteDay ago

    The Ranch Rig

  • Cooper Hindes
    Cooper HindesDay ago

    Call the unit eagle force one

  • Deni Gong
    Deni GongDay ago

    Def fluid is the biggest fcking joke

  • V F
    V FDay ago

    Mere looks like Annie wearing Matt’s clothes 😂

  • Bacon And Eggs 91
    Bacon And Eggs 91Day ago

    Not NF playing in the background lol

  • flowboy78
    flowboy78Day ago

    D.E.F. is literally piss

  • Ragnar Wolfson
    Ragnar WolfsonDay ago

    The Mobile Bunker... Simple

  • Timothy Potts
    Timothy PottsDay ago

    2018 bro, 2018.

  • Ghetto Cowboy281
    Ghetto Cowboy281Day ago

    The ranch chariot

  • Robert Hachten
    Robert HachtenDay ago

    The Fugazi Ford

  • Jake Pollard
    Jake PollardDay ago

    Just call it Greg.

  • Jeffery Powell
    Jeffery PowellDay ago

    dogs watching and thinking man your messing up my work

  • joshua drawbaugh
    joshua drawbaughDay ago

    #1- Brute. (Stands for brute force) #2 - brue force 1 If you wanna be a branch of the force ;)

  • David Kemister
    David KemisterDay ago

    'Demo Rider' sounds good.

  • Jeffery Powell
    Jeffery PowellDay ago

    dog did a better job

  • Paul Gentry
    Paul GentryDay ago

    Trailer name " Don't Tell Mere"

  • W D
    W DDay ago

    Everything isnt bigger in texas one.

  • Subhobroto Ghosh
    Subhobroto GhoshDay ago

    Demolitionranch has come so far.

  • El Tank701 Valenzuela
    El Tank701 ValenzuelaDay ago


  • Eidam Kubín
    Eidam KubínDay ago

    Rest in peace

  • Jeffery Powell
    Jeffery PowellDay ago

    but my teeth are clean

  • Jeffery Powell
    Jeffery PowellDay ago

    windo sill was good

  • Arif Günbars Demiral
    Arif Günbars DemiralDay ago

    Just saw this and there is 3K dislikes And I thought I was Cold Hearthed.As a guy who lost his big brother,may yours and mine rest in peace.

  • Jeffery Powell
    Jeffery PowellDay ago


  • Ronni Petersson
    Ronni PeterssonDay ago

    The Bunker On Wheels

  • Timothy Potts
    Timothy PottsDay ago

    Had us in the first half ngl

  • David Manning
    David ManningDay ago

    BRAVE trailer - Big Ready Actuating Vehicular Extension

  • Will Teggatz
    Will TeggatzDay ago

    the MRE mobile ranch equipment

  • Lee Cutler
    Lee CutlerDay ago

    You're a good guy Matt! I was waiting to see which video you would give Scott a shout out in. Crazy stuff!

  • dahl2542
    dahl2542Day ago

    demo pusher

  • Jeffery Powell
    Jeffery PowellDay ago

    nice puppy

  • Nathaniel Y
    Nathaniel YDay ago

    The D UNIT!!! Enough said

  • Michael Corbett
    Michael CorbettDay ago

    It's like a QT on steroids

  • Anil Oz
    Anil OzDay ago

    Demo mobile , DeMobile is a cool name