Hi! I'm Matt from Demolition Ranch and Vet Ranch!
I don't only shoot guns and fix puppies, let me show you!!!


  • Gio Alexi Averilla
    Gio Alexi Averilla14 hours ago

    who do you think you are that outro song is the same as unspeakable

  • tE4M S7ORM
    tE4M S7ORM14 hours ago

    Your retarded lol

  • openscholar
    openscholar14 hours ago

    All I know is I want one.

  • MC Kronosaurus
    MC Kronosaurus14 hours ago

    Dont kill them 😔 they are just Pure Animal livings 😞

  • Fishing4Freedom
    Fishing4Freedom14 hours ago

    Hey Matt I’m so sorry for your loss!! Man I’m praying for you guys🙏

  • user Maya
    user Maya15 hours ago

    WHY? Just... Why?

  • Plurin
    Plurin15 hours ago

    This guy must really hate ants

  • Cyph
    Cyph15 hours ago

    thats alot of damage... (1 millisecond later) *HOW ABOUT A LITTLE MORE*

  • Thomas Bierberg
    Thomas Bierberg15 hours ago

    A little late but you could buy the other one too...theres never enough room for... fun stuff.. and since you bought it theres no problem to tell if there are any problem with one of them... guess both work ok so i dubt there will be any..

  • Matthew Gibney
    Matthew Gibney15 hours ago

    Those must be @shadetree_sunglasses. I can tell by the missing lens.

  • Operator Hoot
    Operator Hoot15 hours ago

    well at least you're not a sitting US senator =)

  • Brad D
    Brad D15 hours ago

    My parents dog was doing the same thing. I gave her a back massage behind her shoulder blades and in two days she was using it again. I gave her a back massage three times a day. Been like two years and she hasn't dragged her paw. The vet had suggested amputation. Every time I visit I give her a short back massage she loves it. Glad she still has her paw.

  • Elliott Lewis Griffin
    Elliott Lewis Griffin16 hours ago

    I have 34 chickens

  • Elliott Lewis Griffin
    Elliott Lewis Griffin16 hours ago

    what kind of chickens do you have

  • SPB-moto team
    SPB-moto team16 hours ago

    Кто из рассии?

  • Spider 141
    Spider 14116 hours ago

    AntsCanada wants to know your locations

  • cyber N1Nj4
    cyber N1Nj416 hours ago

    4:37 that chicken :what the hell are they doing

  • cyber N1Nj4
    cyber N1Nj416 hours ago

    What they did to you Did they killed your daughter or your wife ??? But you killed their dad daughter and wife

  • martins dancauskis
    martins dancauskis16 hours ago

    Shut down, that broken pipes with shotgun.

  • Drumna
    Drumna16 hours ago

    17:08 so... covid isnt a thing in texas???

  • KangarooKickMan
    KangarooKickMan16 hours ago

    16:00 why have I heard you say exactly this is an earlier video?

  • Muhammad Rafif Indharto
    Muhammad Rafif Indharto17 hours ago

    Brooklyn Nets this season : 3:05

  • SoulFly
    SoulFly17 hours ago

    bro the brave face he put on for his wife and daughter and brother and entire family. he is a hero. he continued to smile and not allow others to breakdown for so long.

  • Tiffany Sawyer
    Tiffany Sawyer17 hours ago

    And the rest of the engine well I pull it out the car so yea

  • Tiffany Sawyer
    Tiffany Sawyer18 hours ago

    I have a top end to a motor from a 90s Honda for you to use on demo ranch if ur serious about the trade if not u can still get it for a vid let me know

  • Creeper Cre
    Creeper Cre18 hours ago

    Why normal ants? We can only kill red ants

  • Deku Lol
    Deku Lol18 hours ago

    Pov you Ant man : 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

  • Vladimir Pain
    Vladimir Pain18 hours ago

    I cant really belive that you did not try to use fifty against them :D

  • Joshua Mendoza
    Joshua Mendoza19 hours ago

    Hey matt how the bronco hey matt how the mansion hey Matt how is the El chromino hey Matt how is the Cuda / Cummings going. Why i could never do what you so. To many ppl asking questions and why I never really comment on your videos but if you read just say welcome to freedom next you shoot the 50 cal.

  • J-MAC
    J-MAC20 hours ago

    Love you all! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 praying hard for your whole family!

  • UnturnedExplained & more
    UnturnedExplained & more20 hours ago


  • vominator
    vominator20 hours ago

    Hold up son, if we were all country boys, you wouldn't have youtube, you'd have 2 soup cans and a string

  • Damir Selimovic
    Damir Selimovic20 hours ago

    Love you man always remember er your brother

  • Evil
    Evil21 hour ago

    I still can’t believe this was Texas a week ago

  • Aztec Warrior
    Aztec Warrior21 hour ago

    Well I question your character because you hide/don't say why you didn't like Company A (also you are calling the bad and good) or Co B. Pros and cons. And yeah you are a sell out.

  • Caden Down
    Caden Down21 hour ago

    its was -29 in nebraska so yeah 2 ft of snow it was we still have 1 ft of snow

  • Tim Tim
    Tim Tim21 hour ago

    Rising S is a company run by a felon and his militia with a 20+ year rap sheet. The guy is also an FBI informant aka SNITCH. His bunkers are absolute dog shit and don't last 5 years in the ground. His website is full of false reviews and slander of anything he doesn't agree with. Not to mention his bunkers are bolted together (not welded) so as soon as it rains, the ground will shift and your expensive coffin will rip apart. He's like the Wish of the bunker industry. It's honestly disgusting how dirty he is

  • Big Daddy D
    Big Daddy D21 hour ago

    No we don't want no sissy city boys in the country. They'd be demanding we fix all their shit

  • Chris Graham
    Chris Graham21 hour ago

    This is very strange for a Canadian. Two weeks ago you experiencing winter with frozen and burst pipes and by February 24th your walking around outside wearing just a T-shirt. I guess you don't winterize pools either? Your neighbors in Canada or the folks in Minnesota will show you how to design piping systems that never freeze....but, it will cost ya'.

  • Janette Armstrong
    Janette Armstrong21 hour ago

    Country boys are awesome!!

  • Alexa
    Alexa22 hours ago

    I had no fuckin idea u were a vet dude. Crazy. My daughter wants to be a vet!

  • James Mancuso
    James Mancuso22 hours ago

    FYI if you have it painted in military colors life becomes easier. You will get waved through toll booths, parking tickets don't happen, and police dont worry about radar readings (yeah 70 is probably top speed).

  • DANKshank90
    DANKshank9022 hours ago

    I’m not sure why I got this recommended now, but this is the best video I’ve seen this year. You’re dad is such a great vet and he raised you well

  • Salty American
    Salty American22 hours ago

    I would love to have a friend that would loan me a goblin haha.

  • Howdraw /Gaming
    Howdraw /Gaming22 hours ago

    Damn Meredith you ran 2 miles farther than Mount Everest in height it is 5 miles tall and you ran 7 miles congratulations

  • Damir Selimovic
    Damir Selimovic22 hours ago

    You kill it should have been a singer

  • Sam Aubrey
    Sam Aubrey22 hours ago

    .433 lb a foot of elevation you have 1.73 psi

  • Norris Town
    Norris Town22 hours ago

    So, put the “BarraCummins” emblem on the trunk, then like a truck bed, have it fold down, but it can also come down after being folded and it basically turns into a step

  • Russel Hodtwalker
    Russel Hodtwalker22 hours ago

    So when will we get to see the finish of the house?

  • Norris Town
    Norris Town22 hours ago


  • Collin Wall
    Collin Wall22 hours ago

    I love the dirt one but hate that the only option for it is an automatic

  • Norris Town
    Norris Town22 hours ago

    Plymouth watching these videos like “dang, I wish we thought of this”

  • Chuck Van
    Chuck Van23 hours ago

    You needed to be at the big truck pump for the big nozzle and high flow.

  • gt exodus
    gt exodus23 hours ago

    New video idea can drewski stop a bullet (50cal)😯 and the thumbnail gotta be crazy

  • brayden nelson
    brayden nelson23 hours ago

    Stay strong brother. I wish you and yours the best.

  • GodfatherRobert Cowdrey
    GodfatherRobert Cowdrey23 hours ago

    I'm a city boy transplanted in the country.

  • Wrankdarox
    Wrankdarox23 hours ago

    Me traps ants in cups and puts fireworks

  • Wrankdarox
    Wrankdarox23 hours ago

    They die of smoke or smashed by the firework

  • Pao de Pota
    Pao de Pota23 hours ago

    Nick what's the strat? Nick in the back of his head: *light em all up.*

  • Dante Death
    Dante Death23 hours ago

    very good

  • Andrew Allen
    Andrew Allen23 hours ago


  • foist
    foist23 hours ago

    Getting to the point you can no longer fire guns inside it anymore. Shame.

  • Amanda Gargiulo
    Amanda Gargiulo23 hours ago

    A drill

  • mg0020
    mg002023 hours ago

    Every time I see Matt hauling something I keep thinking about jackknifing

  • PafKing
    PafKing23 hours ago

    Привет из Казахстана

  • mg0020
    mg002023 hours ago

    Need a green light

  • Damir Selimovic
    Damir SelimovicDay ago

    What a dad

  • Albert Castanon
    Albert CastanonDay ago

    When are u going to make an abandoned mansion video i really like them??

  • Johny Boy
    Johny BoyDay ago

    Gonna be amazing when it’s finished and that view did u see the view lol

  • Ozni Monarrez
    Ozni MonarrezDay ago

    Make the AK on the shirt gold.

  • Luke Pritchard
    Luke PritchardDay ago

    Hey #offtheranch are you going to the up coming cleetus race

  • E T
    E TDay ago

    pretty sure viruses are still circling..

  • Greg Yanko
    Greg YankoDay ago

    Hahaha "ima beat you up" HA well see about that

  • Marshall Oram
    Marshall OramDay ago

    And you know enough to to check traction by hitting the brakes hard on an open stretch. Cheers. Now get good at steering it on it when the backend brakes loose. 👍🏼 I love snow, and love your enthusiasm! It’s magical. Oh hit 15:50 and you got it. But snow is a tab bit more slippery than mud ;)

  • Super Liegebeest
    Super LiegebeestDay ago

    Just in time for when trump what's to move the Whitehouse to Florida. U could tow it

  • 俺はNKUN
    俺はNKUNDay ago

    best way to kill ants: nuke

  • Johny Boy
    Johny BoyDay ago

    Crazy weather

  • Mary Phillips
    Mary PhillipsDay ago

    Little late but totally a cool theatre room with bean bag and egg chairs for gaming and movie nights

  • Jared Krueger
    Jared KruegerDay ago


  • Rebar07
    Rebar07Day ago

    Sooo.....$1600 on shoes?.....No thanks. Matt, you should be more careful with the random deals you make. Idk what’s worse. $1600 on shoes or giving your Raptor away, after shooting it lol

  • Sebastian Leith
    Sebastian LeithDay ago

    That car looks sick!! Love the the style. Needs a Texas speed 427, single 88mm turbski mounted up front with it showing through the grill. Lsx intake (low profile) Front mount inter cooler, Holley efi bigger radiator and definitely an engine shroud. 4link rear suspension new coil overs Brembo brakes. Maybe even do a mustang 2 front clip for the suspension components.

  • Ronnie Yarbrough
    Ronnie YarbroughDay ago

    Looking for a huey pilot Tom Trumbly. If any of you guys run across him let him know Cale Yarbrough is looking for him.