4x4 Dually Cummins Diesel Barracuda....... Part 3


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  • OffTheRanch
    OffTheRanchMonth ago

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  • Teri S

    Teri S

    9 days ago

    I am behind on the vlogs so I don’t know what has happened in more recent videos, but Matt should have had Mere do a burnout at like 7000 but then donate 1/3 of the profits to a charity of her choice. She did say something about another cause and that would have been her opportunity.

  • Vincent Juliano

    Vincent Juliano

    19 days ago

    matt whats your fan mail adreess

  • FoolCrzy


    20 days ago

    @OffTheRanch @DemolitionRanch @MuscleRodShop Car Name = BarrettCuda. with the Cummins 'C'

  • toni dahlberg

    toni dahlberg

    20 days ago

    I have a name for your barracuda ... BarretCuda with C as Cummins' logo ... The name will be the best ever ...

  • Crazyhotrod 1555

    Crazyhotrod 1555

    20 days ago

    This Cuda is going to destroy monstermax 2.0

  • Jeffrey Callahan
    Jeffrey Callahan3 days ago

    are you a alian you sint back thrue time to make us all feel kool. the cooda is owsom.

  • Kp Hunting and fishing
    Kp Hunting and fishing3 days ago

    What's that corvette 77?

  • Spooky_RX
    Spooky_RX4 days ago

    when you let matt play offroad outlaws

  • Michael Woodruff
    Michael Woodruff4 days ago

    15 mins before the car even gets on screen.... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssste

  • Ken H
    Ken H5 days ago

    Look behind you, there's the line

  • Xx_KnobiTV_xX
    Xx_KnobiTV_xX6 days ago

    how much the fuel costs in Amerika because in germany at me it cost 5$ per galon

  • George wiley
    George wiley7 days ago


  • BrodashMx
    BrodashMx7 days ago

    dual rear tyre muscle car ? why not XD

  • Grant Projects
    Grant Projects8 days ago

    Do city before a fallout and then a city after the fallout that would be sick

  • Zackory Sparks
    Zackory Sparks8 days ago

    I think it looks like something out of mad Max

  • Wally Censorship
    Wally Censorship9 days ago

    Potato. Patato

  • Merika.n.pitvipers
    Merika.n.pitvipers9 days ago

    Me waiting for mere to be done talking about the boutique cause I want to see the barracummins

  • Aaron Robert
    Aaron Robert9 days ago

    Im not very artistic..... I just created an empire from a camera.... No your not artistic at all bro hahaha

  • william spindler
    william spindler10 days ago

    I think 1st Gen Cummins Cuda has a better ring to it.

  • jessed23
    jessed2310 days ago

    For a mural idea: put a Barracuda (fish) in a attacking pose running up the wall and a skeletal version going down beside it! That way the dually Cuda is there in the bunker, but in spirit!

  • Nathan Atkisson
    Nathan Atkisson10 days ago

    Barrett Auto Shop

  • Steve Bogan
    Steve Bogan11 days ago

    The cummincuda!

  • Aj Januszkiewicz
    Aj Januszkiewicz12 days ago

    I have a wall idea Do a pic of the lady there doing a burn out going up hill in her pink fire suit and matching pink helmet. Rolling Coal and tire smoke in the Cuda give the raptor to whistling diesel if you want ill take the cuda if you don't want it

  • Detroit Diesel707
    Detroit Diesel70712 days ago

    oh cmon dont ruin a barracuda like that..... i realize thiers not much left of the car anyway but still

  • Thomas Roberts
    Thomas Roberts12 days ago

    FHA’s right it’s a cuba

  • john lee,jr
    john lee,jr13 days ago

    It’s called a hemi cuda

  • Jimmy Thompson
    Jimmy Thompson13 days ago

    Grabber green 💚 on the color bro

  • Elijah Cavin
    Elijah Cavin13 days ago

    Turbos go wee. You have one of my favourite trucks on YT. Good looking truck and sounds good

  • Eric Haagen
    Eric Haagen13 days ago

    Back of the roll up garage door ( Tees that were giveaway inspired

  • tikkat3jc
    tikkat3jc13 days ago

    Green trees on the front wall. Fall trees and falling leaves on the back wall

  • Daniel Orman
    Daniel Orman13 days ago

    It's called the same difference

  • wamiam
    wamiam14 days ago

    You have a third gen cuda. There was one that was basically a Plymouth valiant, an A-body cuda, and an E-body. The Valiant was 63-66, the A-body was 67-69, and the E-body was 70-74. The E-Body was nicknamed the "cuda" but it's just an abbreviated "cool" way of saying Barracuda since it was more sporty than the previous gens. It's just a nickname that was given by the factory and placed on the trunk lid.

  • Sam Allen
    Sam Allen14 days ago

    Petition to put 39's on Earl.

  • Adam Harding
    Adam Harding14 days ago

    More Matt!! Tell your wife to make her own channel if she wants that. I’m sure some other women would love to watch that. But we come here for manly man Matt stuff.

  • Fishing with Dj
    Fishing with Dj14 days ago

    Please please please compound turbo it!!!

  • McKenley Smith
    McKenley Smith15 days ago

    yes it dus

  • Automotive Kid
    Automotive Kid15 days ago

    I'm 13 and I had done donuts and burnouts

  • Ross Williams
    Ross Williams15 days ago

    Banks 4th gen intercooler should help with room

  • Mossberg Slim
    Mossberg Slim15 days ago

    What kinda vehicle do you have that doesn't have rear brakes lol. You may wanna have that checked out man 🤣

  • Ned bathman
    Ned bathman15 days ago

    Name it Cummins Cuda

  • Emissary Of Elohim
    Emissary Of Elohim15 days ago

    Mopar glory!

  • Brian Gaskin
    Brian Gaskin15 days ago

    Front of the stairs a Bunker Inside the stairs the demo staff in tactical gear #awsome

  • ManuelEzio
    ManuelEzio16 days ago

    creapy Cuda is back:D

  • saucebox plug
    saucebox plug16 days ago

    This video should have been like 5mins based on the title.(last 5mins)

  • mds19238
    mds1923816 days ago

    Only the higher performance equipped models were given the shortened name of "Cuda". My 73 Barracuda with a 340 4bl & 727 Torqueflite sported all "Barracuda" emblems and was not considered the high performance version.

  • Ethan Gladd
    Ethan Gladd16 days ago

    Gold Barrett on the outside of the stairs, X-ray of the Barrett on the inside of the stairs.

  • nathan morton
    nathan morton16 days ago

    Call it the cummacuda

  • coy5000
    coy500017 days ago

    Chevy sounds better

  • Russell Mckeithan
    Russell Mckeithan17 days ago

    Maybe call it cuda-mens

  • cooper walker
    cooper walker17 days ago

    dodge daytona dodge charger

  • Jim Shelly
    Jim Shelly17 days ago

    I would DEFINATELY call it a cummacuda

  • CenTexan Outdoors
    CenTexan Outdoors18 days ago

    he got a new gun

  • Dustin Meier
    Dustin Meier18 days ago

    "Bara-Cummins" .... Nah... "Cumm-acuda" .... Oh, yeah.

  • Woozi
    Woozi18 days ago

    You should make a put a picture of a kid planting a tree with his dad then in the next picture put the tree with a swing and the kid(dad now) pushing his kid

  • Kyle Stacks
    Kyle Stacks18 days ago

    It is a barracuda but it did become commonplace for it to be known as just the cuda when it comes to those years hence the badging being changed as well

  • rob moris
    rob moris19 days ago


  • Will Stratmann
    Will Stratmann19 days ago

    Literally a mad max car in the makibg

  • Dime6String
    Dime6String19 days ago

    I like you and all, but 1st gen Barracuda?! Uhm, no!! You have a 3rd gen. 1st gen was '64-'66. 2nd gen was '67-'69. 3rd gen Barracuda AND 'Cuda ( it was based on option packages) was '70-'74. The higher performance big block 3rd gen were the 'Cudas. The Slant 6 and small block cars were still badged as Barracudas.

  • kody mitchell
    kody mitchell19 days ago

    The the ''baracullie'' lol

  • Larry Halloway
    Larry Halloway19 days ago

    Im wrong.lol

  • Larry Halloway
    Larry Halloway19 days ago

    I believe its dodge cuda and Plymouth is barracuda.

  • User 5.56
    User 5.5620 days ago

    10:44 So a Democrat & A Republican walk into a House, Bought it, Married & Had Kids Weird huh Can u guess with one is a democrat

  • User 5.56
    User 5.5620 days ago

    NOT Really... Came for the Cuda not bunker branding

  • John Hawk
    John Hawk20 days ago

    How about a shooting with his head being blown part and the next same but skeleton with his head being blown apart ?

  • Irish Gaming
    Irish Gaming20 days ago

    Wait is that rob dyrdeks fantasy factory?

  • stinkerton
    stinkerton20 days ago

    You should call it the Carrikuda

  • Norse Viking Æsir
    Norse Viking Æsir20 days ago

    Should've been a Duramax.

  • Jennifer Jones
    Jennifer Jones20 days ago

    Mere’s burnout needs to be in the Cuda.

  • Tim 189
    Tim 18920 days ago

    Barracuda was a trim level after 1970

  • grimes202
    grimes20221 day ago

    If mere doesn’t do a burnout I’ll unsub

  • Mason Edwards
    Mason Edwards21 day ago

    Mere..... you need to do full reps. get those gainz!

  • Jeremy Robinson
    Jeremy Robinson21 day ago

    Would call it the cumuda!!

  • Seth
    Seth21 day ago

    It's a Mereacuda cause you know she'll love it (secretly)

  • Matthew Pepper
    Matthew Pepper21 day ago

    All “Cudas” are Barracudas, but not all Barracudas are a “Cuda”

  • The Snarf
    The Snarf22 days ago

    December 2019 we had a "soft open" febuary 2021 were already out of room and matt drove inyo the wall

  • Anthony Catino
    Anthony Catino22 days ago

    Mare is taking over. How long till she starts doing things and tells us not to tell matt?

  • Dean Gilbert
    Dean Gilbert22 days ago

    The dually is going to look goofy lol.

  • EMarshall
    EMarshall22 days ago

    Matt : How many shirt sales will it take to get you to do a burnout? Mere: 10,000 Demolitia : Challenge accepted. Mere is gonna do a burnout. I ordered my shirt tonight.

  • Troy Belford
    Troy Belford23 days ago

    Hey Mat check out rogue fabrication and @bisforbuild Thayer are making a long travel Lamborghini running 37s and 35s

  • Xronad Woods
    Xronad Woods23 days ago

    I feel like you should race this car against Westin Champlin's Cummins Stang.

  • James Smith
    James Smith23 days ago

    Link on shirt? I'll buy one

  • LinearScar76
    LinearScar7623 days ago

    are you cousins with Joe Dirt?

  • Hayden Ashcraft
    Hayden Ashcraft23 days ago

    you should do a new renovating house

  • Sam Wilson
    Sam Wilson23 days ago

    Please sir don't give the Raptor to @whistlindiesel cuz the Raptor is so cool and amazing please don't give it too him 🙏🥺

  • Louis Rodriguez
    Louis Rodriguez24 days ago

    I vote we call it cummbear

  • Obstruct329
    Obstruct32924 days ago

    It should be the Cummins Cuda or vise versa

  • Sergio Gonzalez
    Sergio Gonzalez24 days ago

    That CumminsCuda going to look so sick!!!

  • Adam Sarkisian
    Adam Sarkisian24 days ago

    It be sick if u put a Ford barra engine in a cuda and then call it barra-cuda

  • Emanuel Ceccarini
    Emanuel Ceccarini24 days ago

    When you said Barracuda, I expected the same car from the series: Nash Bridges i.pinimg.com/originals/aa/43/01/aa43011cfa7e9bc22b748ead031332c8.jpg Is it the same car?

  • Rob Olsen
    Rob Olsen24 days ago

    So, I love the name of the car, but I was thinking, something that rolls of the tongue better, Max. As in Mad Max.

  • CrowbarHeadset
    CrowbarHeadset24 days ago

    "Barricummins" sounds like "Bear-a-cummins", which will be super popular with those into overweight homosexuals.

  • Peyton Foreman
    Peyton Foreman24 days ago

    I think now that we know mere will do it if he sells 10,000, then I bet Matt will sell 10,000

  • Jacob Johnson
    Jacob Johnson24 days ago

    Matt, you should put vinyl on the garage door that looks exactly like the outside.

  • Dan Vreeland
    Dan Vreeland24 days ago

    Burn out in the raptor?

  • Alicia Garcia
    Alicia Garcia24 days ago

    The heck, that car will literally be taller than me I’m 5’3” 😂

  • Andy Viken
    Andy Viken24 days ago

    Got a shirt to see mer burn out. Good sales pitch Matt

  • Zeek Geek
    Zeek Geek24 days ago

    It’s ‘cuda with an ‘ short for barracuda but it’s ‘cuda

  • MorbidMinister666
    MorbidMinister66624 days ago


  • MorbidMinister666


    24 days ago

    Spelling is questionable, but you know what I’m getting at!

  • Michael
    Michael25 days ago

    CudaGen1 😎🤙

  • SLK
    SLK25 days ago

    So with the cuda when you tub it you should make it so that the fender goes inbetween the first and the second tire then you can have a lower ride height and it can travel up and down a little bit inbetween the tires

  • SLK


    25 days ago

    Read read read

  • Timmy_ Silver
    Timmy_ Silver25 days ago

    :| anyone else think mere should take over demo ranch? Don’t tell Matt

  • ALS1989
    ALS198925 days ago

    Going up the stairs angle a M1A1 that fades into a CAD drawing

  • Etr1gan 99
    Etr1gan 9925 days ago

    5 Finger Death Punch anyone?

  • Kade Christianson
    Kade Christianson25 days ago

    He is trying to be like Whistling diesel