5 Ton Military Truck Exoskeleton Build is Epic


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  • 20SN H15
    20SN H15Day ago

    Put a roof rack up top with a lights

  • Christian Troy
    Christian Troy2 days ago

    Umm err, a real roll bar should be placed inside the cab to provide occupants a chance to get out, I lost two friends in a roll over of one of those in NC 1988

  • William Holt
    William Holt3 days ago

    Put zerk fittings on all of the hinges and you electric lift rams on the front so zero effort to lift up the front hood

  • gingerhas Power
    gingerhas Power5 days ago

    You gotta put storage places under the sides of the bed, like there is so much open space to put something there.

  • Michał Bożek
    Michał Bożek5 days ago

    Cameras... Especially front one....

  • Robert Housedorf II
    Robert Housedorf II7 days ago

    Make sure it will fit through the door on the way out......

  • NikOwnzYu
    NikOwnzYu10 days ago

    Filter test. Trump flag.

  • william spindler
    william spindler10 days ago

    Why stop at schedule 40 on the bull nose? A section of 4" schedule 80 would be multiple times tougher.

  • Kyle Clanton
    Kyle Clanton11 days ago

    I know I'm late, but hammer unions would have been cool to release the hood

  • Dakota
    Dakota11 days ago

    Whatever happened to all the flags you hung up in the original Bunker?

  • Chad Pedigo
    Chad Pedigo13 days ago

    Joe robinet is awesome!

  • allothernamesbutthis
    allothernamesbutthis14 days ago

    fairplay with the merch selling, i noticed you said you are the best and not the boss :D

  • Typical Tony
    Typical Tony14 days ago

    Is it bothering anyone else that Matt keeps saying "pipe"? The term is "tube" my man. Pipe is measured outside diameter, and used in exhaust and plumbing mostly. Vehicle cages are usually cold rolled steel or alloy tube, measured from the inside diameter.

  • Hotshot150
    Hotshot15014 days ago

    Need something to protect fuel tank if you roll over don't want fuel everywhere

  • Koolteer
    Koolteer15 days ago

    Spraypaint the tubes pink, and rename the whole contraption "Pussywagon ". Safety reduces fun.

  • tippyc2
    tippyc215 days ago

    I hate exoskeletons and you did it to one of the coolest trucks. Sad face :(

  • tjohn george
    tjohn george16 days ago

    Love the vids but that trump flag aint sitting right with me😭

  • Hey stupid, don't text and drive.
    Hey stupid, don't text and drive.16 days ago

    Schedule 40 is pipe, pipe is for poop, you should be using DOM tubing.

  • Brett DeWolf
    Brett DeWolf17 days ago

    why not bedliner the exoskel?

  • ryfish5
    ryfish519 days ago

    Fire gear is also commonly called..........wait for it........Bunker gear.

  • Euro Shane
    Euro Shane19 days ago

    Weld a bunch of baja truck bumpstops to the lowest and tallest rails going down the side of Able that way if you "fall" over the cab will never even be touched 😂😂

  • David Cunningham
    David Cunningham20 days ago

    Dude! You gotta get the ENTIRE cage CHROMED!! That would be truly badass & worthy for "The Ranch!"

  • Thomas Unruh
    Thomas Unruh20 days ago

    A roof rack to stand on and shoot guns off

  • Jarom Hunter
    Jarom Hunter20 days ago

    you need some light bars 360 light coverage

  • Jason Morton
    Jason Morton22 days ago

    Does the welder have a channel?

  • Carlos Gutierrez
    Carlos Gutierrez22 days ago

    Just woke up from a dream that I saw a shirt idea you may like. 5 Ton with the cage and on top of a somewhat Nike sign that says "Just Jump It!!" Mind you fighting a cold. Might be high on Tylenol 😆

  • 128p
    128p23 days ago

    What're you missing? 2 mini guns that can be remotely controlled from inside the truck..

  • Cajun Stump
    Cajun Stump24 days ago

    "Expanded metal like if you were on a catwalk in a factory." You mean, like... grating?

  • Curtis Mack
    Curtis Mack25 days ago

    Maybe find a way to use the winch to lift the cage up?

  • Bryce Dean
    Bryce Dean26 days ago

    Flag pole mounts behind the cab

  • michael R
    michael R27 days ago

    If the truck is black ( looks like it in the videos) i would paint the roll cage OD green

  • Cassidy
    Cassidy27 days ago

    yeeyee apparel going up?

  • Joe Newton
    Joe Newton27 days ago

    framing around gas tanks

  • Gabriel Joseph Bragais
    Gabriel Joseph BragaisMonth ago

    now it needs an armored cupola up top.. maybe with a GPMG mount?

  • daniel valle
    daniel valleMonth ago

    You’re forgetting the mounted dual 50’s

  • Philip Kidd
    Philip KiddMonth ago

    Winch under rear bumper and cb radio and as well as grease fittings in the front hood protector so it doesn't get stuck over time

  • Pandemic Bricks
    Pandemic BricksMonth ago

    You need a flamethrower on that beast...

  • Not J
    Not JMonth ago

    There's something these guys really don't understand about masks, and this guy is supposed to be a 'doctor'. Wearing a mask isn't for you, it's for others and those others are doing it for you. That you can't understand that, or do it says much about you.

  • Not J

    Not J

    29 days ago

    @John the Angler The way you wear them, I agree. Otherwise, incorrect.

  • John the Angler

    John the Angler

    Month ago

    Masks are useless

  • Ratbone Gaming
    Ratbone GamingMonth ago

    What it needs some led light bars. All around it.

  • Chris 387
    Chris 387Month ago

    That Trump flag 🦅🇺🇸 March 2021

  • Dale Greer
    Dale GreerMonth ago

    You should put a big light bar on it

  • Ben Snow
    Ben SnowMonth ago

    Matt levers and pullies put a pully wheel on the bull nose and a hook point so you can rap the winch around to open the exoskeleton

  • June Jarmin
    June JarminMonth ago

    Wow Able is fast becoming ......... IncrediAble Hulk :> dont forget the few few hatch above

  • Matt Wilson
    Matt WilsonMonth ago

    That frame is designed to flex . Thats why they use rubber hood latches. Because it will flex .

  • Chris Bly
    Chris BlyMonth ago

    extraction/rescue instructions placards for would be rescue people.

  • Life’s Better With Gravy
    Life’s Better With GravyMonth ago

    Hey Matt.... why are you breathing so heavy?? Dirty bulk getting to you??

  • Ryan Garcia
    Ryan GarciaMonth ago

    Matt, I might mention so you know. I use Raycons and I love them.... except when I use them at my local gym. The second I step inside they start skipping with interference. They don't have this ANY OTHER TIME just at the gym. I can walk away from my phone at the office with four walls between and they are still fine. But not at the gym right in front of me. This is a bit of info for others out there looking into Raycons. Always do your research first guys.

  • Ginger VikingJesus
    Ginger VikingJesusMonth ago

    Wouldn't be a bad idea to have an internal roll cage.. In the event it actually DOES roll over, it'll have support in the cab.. It may not do much to protect the cab, but it could give the driver those valuable seconds to get outta there, before the weight of the truck crushes it..

  • Noah Johnson
    Noah JohnsonMonth ago

    What kind of welder does he use do you know? Is it a tig welder or mig welder? (I’m asking because I am new to welding and would like to get more into it)

  • Shawn Nelon
    Shawn NelonMonth ago

    Treat the hood skeleton Like a dump truck box and put a couple cylinders hydraulic one on each side to help lift super easy

  • ShizNick
    ShizNickMonth ago


  • miracell1992
    miracell1992Month ago

    Well one thing's for sure... it ain't a 5 ton anymore

  • TheOverloaded1
    TheOverloaded1Month ago

    How about hydrolic shocks to help with moving the hood?

  • LRSNor
    LRSNorMonth ago

    Helipad.... Abel needs a helipad.

  • rhino geek
    rhino geekMonth ago

    bruh omfg he likes trump wtf dude why

  • Definitely not Emma

    Definitely not Emma

    23 days ago

    Because it's the best president since JFK?

  • Stellar Playzz
    Stellar PlayzzMonth ago

    Wait operator drewski is matts bro?👀

  • Kevin Voss
    Kevin VossMonth ago

    Love the Trump banner in welding shop

  • Ruben de Haan
    Ruben de HaanMonth ago

    Put a airsoft mini gun on the back

  • Tom Nicol
    Tom NicolMonth ago

    get 2 ropes that will clip on the roof to the cage on the front then it doesn't sit on the bull bar

  • River bro’s Chanel
    River bro’s ChanelMonth ago

    Gun rack

  • eng1twr
    eng1twrMonth ago

    Truck bed rack for a tent

  • Back Pack Hack
    Back Pack HackMonth ago

    Retracting spikes to take care of zombies.

  • MicMacBA
    MicMacBAMonth ago

    Need to make the truck suicide doors, will make it easier for people to get into the back doors

  • loebedoe
    loebedoeMonth ago

    when are you going to start working on the jacuzzi in the back of the truck?

  • King_OfThe_Newbs #1
    King_OfThe_Newbs #1Month ago

    Definitely not a good idea to cage off the motor that way, Love the direction and everything about it but my one suggestion would be to defiantly have a quick release system and have the whole front of that cage on a hinge with assist shocks to help lift it. I can only imagine how much that thing weighs 2 to 300 pounds or more, but for service to the engine or in case of a fire I would change that set up ASAP. Before he welds all the extra steel to seal it off. Just my thought's I build Rock Crawlers some with EXO cages that withstand full rollovers and I've seen a few fires happen but quick release pull pins saved the day a lot just an idea, also if your looking for a way to stop the cage and hood Id just put stop chains with springs to soften the drop that's why Big rigs use them. That's to much weight to put on just some welds and hinges especially since he wants to catch the hood with the cage, 4 points of contact don't sound like enough to catch the full weight of the rig if you slip and it drops. Those are just some ideas Love the channel keep up the great work can't wait to see what happens next!!! @OffTheRanch

  • Karol Stach
    Karol StachMonth ago

    It needs a gun

  • Jimmy Thompson
    Jimmy ThompsonMonth ago

    Thunder pistol 50 BMG. Why? Why not?.

  • Tim M
    Tim MMonth ago

    I know it will be able to be put up and down, but just a thought... the windshield having expanded metal might mess with your vision and give you vertigo. Not sure what could be used in its place though

  • Caleb Stiegler
    Caleb StieglerMonth ago

    Could make horizontal tubes from the sides of the tubing around the windshield and a vertical tube of the bigger piping y’all made the hinges from cut out to cradle it so it will have more support than just a pin. Could also make some from the top instead of a plate and just have the pin to hold it in place.

  • Eric Baumann
    Eric BaumannMonth ago

    Gonna need that winch just to open the hood

  • Travis Hartley
    Travis HartleyMonth ago


  • Malwin Rostampour
    Malwin RostampourMonth ago

    Put on a machine gun mount

  • tom Leake
    tom LeakeMonth ago

    You need to fit some bomb plates to the bottom of the 5 ton

  • Nathan Jones
    Nathan JonesMonth ago

    Why does the other CB Welding guy never talk?

  • Garret Hetzel
    Garret HetzelMonth ago

    Able probaby needs Ill-Tempered Sea Bass....get the ones with lasers if they are still available

  • Kenneth Kiepke
    Kenneth KiepkeMonth ago

    Anyone else hear Matt’s heavy breathing

  • - 10 Ranch
    - 10 RanchMonth ago

    Lol Next vid after cage is finished - Demo a farm house w/5-Ton!

  • Definitely not Emma
    Definitely not EmmaMonth ago

    Great dudes working on the 5t Truck, well, not really 5t anymore xD

  • Teyion Roberson
    Teyion RobersonMonth ago

    Are you a trump Supporter

  • Definitely not Emma

    Definitely not Emma

    Month ago

    Most likely, nothing uncommon in the States 🤔

  • Cameron Peterkin
    Cameron PeterkinMonth ago

    Raise and lower the front clip with an air assisted hydraulic cab tilt system from a k200 kenworth.

  • Jake Gasper
    Jake GasperMonth ago

    Matt when are the machine guns getting added

  • Keegan Edelman
    Keegan EdelmanMonth ago

    Abel needs a turret ring for the 30 cal or possibly a 50 cal in the future don't tell mayer

  • TheSoloAsylum
    TheSoloAsylumMonth ago

    Make sure to weld on flag holders up top of the truck.

  • Steven Smith
    Steven SmithMonth ago

    Looks like the worlds best bugout vehicle, I LOVE IT !

  • Tiger Tan Titan
    Tiger Tan TitanMonth ago

    Joe Robinet is awsome

  • rusty
    rustyMonth ago

    Hey Matt I honestly think you need a bar in the rear compartment & you simply must have a Jacuzzi otherwise it's just not worth doing. Also a 10 speaker surround sound with a pre-amp subwoofer I think that should do it for now Matt it'll be legendary then. Rustinoz

  • Dennis Jay
    Dennis JayMonth ago

    Put gas lift shocks on the hood and frame. Not big ones, just big enough to start everything thing up. It will make it easier to lift or tip it over. When you close it you can just let it go and it won't drop but you can pull it down into place.

    THE HOMIEMonth ago

    i know who matt probably supports politically, but i thank him for not making it a big deal whether i agree with him or not. Thanks Matt.

  • Definitely not Emma

    Definitely not Emma

    Month ago

    That's what normal people do

  • Hemi Power
    Hemi PowerMonth ago

    @offtheranch put a roller on the bull nose and use the winch to open the exoskeleton on the hood.

  • 0megacron
    0megacronMonth ago

    That sure is a purty truck - what the heck is it?

  • Tripp Rogers
    Tripp RogersMonth ago

    I FREAKIN' LOVE MY RAYCON EARBUDS..seriously, just me?ok.

  • Ashley Luce
    Ashley LuceMonth ago

    14:35 Trump Flag

  • Definitely not Emma

    Definitely not Emma

    Month ago

    Nothing uncommon among Americans

  • Alex Gamble
    Alex GambleMonth ago

    You just said for monster max 2

  • madmikejak
    madmikejakMonth ago

    You guys still get full view with the cameras

  • William Boyer
    William BoyerMonth ago

    U got another dozer

  • Brandon Van Wyk
    Brandon Van WykMonth ago

    Maybe put the expanded metal like you are planning on using on the windshield on the roof also for a platform to stand on...

  • Samantha Kappeler
    Samantha KappelerMonth ago


  • Samantha Kappeler
    Samantha KappelerMonth ago


  • Samantha Kappeler
    Samantha KappelerMonth ago


  • Samantha Kappeler
    Samantha KappelerMonth ago