Building a 4x4 Cummins Diesel Barracuda....... Part 2


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  • A2343
    A23432 days ago

  • Gamer Gaming
    Gamer Gaming3 days ago

    I know its extremely early to name this monstrosity but I vote for the name " Crazy Cuda"

  • Toran Fuglseth
    Toran Fuglseth7 days ago

    Paint it Royal Blue. If you haven't decided yet, this suggestion is a tag late

  • Grant Projects
    Grant Projects9 days ago

    And black rims

  • Grant Projects
    Grant Projects9 days ago

    You should paint tan like mad max vibes

  • Woody Phillips
    Woody Phillips10 days ago

    Army green bro💯❤

  • Tactical Gamer45
    Tactical Gamer4510 days ago

    Blue would look sick of car and it will stand out

  • Gunguy99
    Gunguy9910 days ago

    You should paint it green and purple like a zombie hunting car!

  • Greg Frank
    Greg Frank11 days ago

    Plum purple would be nice

  • Ben Stone
    Ben Stone11 days ago

    paint it red with white decals

  • Tex's life
    Tex's life12 days ago

    should wide body it too

  • Jimmy Thompson
    Jimmy Thompson13 days ago

    Grabber green 🍏 on the color . You'll love it.

  • Ram_rebel_ 805
    Ram_rebel_ 80513 days ago

    Pleeeaaaase put some king shocks on it don’t go cheap

  • Allen Terhune
    Allen Terhune14 days ago

    od green

  • Cait Lynnn
    Cait Lynnn14 days ago

    Dark purple 💜

  • Bailey Schalk
    Bailey Schalk14 days ago

    I say go with OD green then put the eagle with ar-15 wings on the hood

  • Daniel Fowler
    Daniel Fowler14 days ago

    Cab and chassis axle will be a little more narrow. I put one on my single wheel truck and it hardly sticks out with factory size tires

  • Emissary Of Elohim
    Emissary Of Elohim15 days ago

    Emerald no doubt. Cause she is a Gem!

  • Emissary Of Elohim
    Emissary Of Elohim16 days ago

    Matt, you are a man of good logic, well most of the time, but you are silly in the most interesting, excited, & inventive kind of way, well most of the time. You have your moments.

  • Zero
    Zero16 days ago

    minight purple with matte black instead of chrome

  • Cody Payne
    Cody Payne16 days ago

    Plum crazy with some metallic flakes would look awesome.

  • Matt Hawkins
    Matt Hawkins17 days ago

    Plum crazy purple..

  • Garrett 310
    Garrett 31020 days ago

    Mopar purple

  • wildwolf1486
    wildwolf148620 days ago

    Put the dually on it, just shorten the axle so it's not as wide.

  • Russell Mckeithan
    Russell Mckeithan20 days ago

    Girly purple and pink

  • Tim 189
    Tim 18920 days ago

    Plumb crazy purple

  • animation live german
    animation live german21 day ago

    Ig im to late but BRING GOLDY BACK

  • Travis Kellogg
    Travis Kellogg23 days ago

    Cries in rust belt

  • Colton Chaney
    Colton Chaney24 days ago

    That old school mopar purple would look amazing.

  • Jake Hoffy2004
    Jake Hoffy200424 days ago

    Or bright green with the 2 black stripes

  • Jake Hoffy2004
    Jake Hoffy200424 days ago

    Red with 2 black stripes up the hood and roof

  • Tony Davies
    Tony Davies24 days ago

    Royal blue with murdered candy

  • Bulletin Diesel
    Bulletin Diesel24 days ago

    The military green with the gold in it looks mint

  • B. Templeton
    B. Templeton25 days ago

    I say go orange body with black wheels

  • John Wagoner
    John Wagoner26 days ago

    Silver flake with black accents and striping

  • Adam K
    Adam K26 days ago

    Paint it Moulin Rouge.

  • Tony Neff
    Tony Neff27 days ago

    Dark purple with gold flakes!

  • edwin cruz
    edwin cruz27 days ago

    Make it black

  • Jared Sheets
    Jared Sheets27 days ago

    If you’re gonna do this build just full send and make it camouflage

  • Steve Martinetto
    Steve Martinetto27 days ago

    Paint it Ego! It's a Ford Falcon Color!


    You want green go camo flake lots of different brown flake in a medium green

  • Tommy Hicks
    Tommy Hicks27 days ago

    Military green with the gold would look great

  • Cobra of King's
    Cobra of King's28 days ago

    Camo with different types of green

  • Aidan Thornborrow
    Aidan Thornborrow28 days ago

    B5 blue

  • Sean yeti Skeen
    Sean yeti Skeen28 days ago


  • Charles Wallace
    Charles Wallace28 days ago

    plum crazy purple is the only color i can see for a cuda

  • Kenneth turk
    Kenneth turk28 days ago


  • Kenny Landrum
    Kenny Landrum28 days ago

    Purple for sure

  • Logan Gill
    Logan Gill28 days ago

    Purple Cuda!!!

  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor28 days ago

    Cummins Red.....

  • Benjamin Totallynotalt
    Benjamin Totallynotalt28 days ago

    Put like flames on it and make it crazy

  • California Man
    California Man28 days ago

    Shiny bumblebee yellow

  • Gabe Hart
    Gabe Hart29 days ago

    Paint it the TEXAS state flag, as it will soon be its own country

  • Dylan Coons
    Dylan Coons29 days ago

    Midnight blue or gasoline green

  • TheDanno1026
    TheDanno102629 days ago

    Silver or grey

  • Max Soucy
    Max Soucy29 days ago

    You could find a caba and chassis dually axle, ther are slimmer but fit duallys

  • Max Soucy
    Max Soucy29 days ago

    Dukes of hazard

  • Shawn Hill
    Shawn Hill29 days ago

    you gotta do the classic cuda purple

  • Russell Rhodes
    Russell Rhodes29 days ago

    Midnight Blue

  • 152m comunism launcher
    152m comunism launcher29 days ago

    why dont you find one that has been in a field for like 20 years and cut it up

  • Tanis Jessop
    Tanis Jessop29 days ago

    Mere should pick

  • James Walker
    James Walker29 days ago

    That yota quick sand color with an American flag up the center of the hood.

  • Jay M
    Jay M29 days ago

    Umm that Cuda was very much in good condition. Seen alot worse turn into showroom condition.

  • XStraightedgeXP
    XStraightedgeXP29 days ago

    Always thought purple was the perfect color for the cuda's! Would look even better with some mud on it.

  • GaLoS
    GaLoS29 days ago

    Anyone else get the feeling Matt really doesn't want it to be a dualie?

  • GaLoS
    GaLoS29 days ago

    I like the bright neon green!

  • Liam Anderson
    Liam Anderson29 days ago

    make it gold then you can call it goldie 2.0

  • JJ Meador
    JJ Meador29 days ago

    Red white and blue with a majestic bald eagle

  • Nick Heimos
    Nick Heimos29 days ago

    Plum crazy purple its an original color or a darker shade of red

  • Kurt Parker
    Kurt Parker29 days ago some of your guns!!!

  • Nathaniel robertson
    Nathaniel robertsonMonth ago

    Mix a light gray with pearl white.

  • Kaiden Heath
    Kaiden HeathMonth ago


  • Kaiden Heath
    Kaiden HeathMonth ago

    Blue Gray

  • Thomas Woodworth
    Thomas WoodworthMonth ago

    Matte OD green!!!!!

  • Big Killa
    Big KillaMonth ago

    Black with green flake

  • Mr. Creeper
    Mr. CreeperMonth ago

    Paint it cammo, but not the usual flat normal cammo. Do a bright colored metallic high gloss cammo. Like that first green you showed, and bronze and that dark green you showed, maybe another color too.

  • Callum Doman
    Callum DomanMonth ago

    I would paint it the blue off the Ford escort on fast and furious 6

  • Terry Faugno
    Terry FaugnoMonth ago

    Plum Crazy Purple. This is the way.

  • TrackMuscle 320
    TrackMuscle 320Month ago

    Plum crazy purple!!

  • silent jay
    silent jayMonth ago

    Paint: red camo? Ever been done. ?

  • Connor Webb
    Connor WebbMonth ago


  • jack dacey
    jack daceyMonth ago


  • Tyler Brown
    Tyler BrownMonth ago

    A dark green or army green. Or a dark blue with specs in it

  • Bobby Holden
    Bobby HoldenMonth ago

    Just camo

    TODD_FLMonth ago

    A camo color would be cool. The dually wheel setup in the back will be craaaaazy!

  • JGplayz
    JGplayzMonth ago

    14:09 Matt it’s not broken there’s a setting to change that back

  • allothernamesbutthis
    allothernamesbutthisMonth ago

    pearl cammo?

  • Danny 95316
    Danny 95316Month ago


  • Dudley Green
    Dudley GreenMonth ago

    Split the rear of the trunk section up the middle 6 inches each direction and it added a FOOT to the rear with minimal tubbing!! Ha! #widemeracuda (mereishot)

  • Angus Eades
    Angus EadesMonth ago

    just make the entire trunk a fuel tank, you're not realistically going to put things in there and will give you so much more range and free up space underneath for the components

  • Ray Parker
    Ray ParkerMonth ago

    Put that Cummins in a Smart car!

  • Ray Parker
    Ray ParkerMonth ago

    Lived in south Texas for 14 years, and now in south Florida. Wife Texas native. Thank God for Texas women!

  • kyle gibbs
    kyle gibbsMonth ago

    werner enterprise blue?

  • Jason O'Steen
    Jason O'SteenMonth ago

    Its not demo if ot aint the nicest camo paint you ever seen

  • MrChunkstyle
    MrChunkstyleMonth ago

    Plum crazy purple!

  • OutsideBoy 123
    OutsideBoy 123Month ago


  • HeCoversMe
    HeCoversMeMonth ago

    Neon green or bronze looks sharp

  • frank e boy
    frank e boyMonth ago

    Millitary camo livery

  • SwErViN IrViNE 37
    SwErViN IrViNE 37Month ago

    Moss green or pine green with black decals

  • Brad Mullenbach
    Brad MullenbachMonth ago

    Snake skin green!