Checking the Abandoned Mansion after the Snow Storms...


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  • Zac Haveron
    Zac HaveronMinute ago

    cries in 2nd gen gasser

  • gary hopkins sr
    gary hopkins srHour ago

    Oops I forgot I love you all too

  • gary hopkins sr
    gary hopkins srHour ago

    Hey man I'm really glad you folks are so happy it's good to see people enjoying life like y'all do that gunman it it is really cool nice video ghetto family stock I like it

  • S M
    S M2 hours ago

    It's nice to see people not used to snow actually enjoy it. About 6 months of the year is snow here, or is cold enough for snow, and snow can go fuck itself.

  • daftboy11
    daftboy113 hours ago

    Matt, you truly have a blessed life.

  • Steve Botham
    Steve Botham8 hours ago

    Bah ye call that winter that's a warm spring day in Canada

  • Shawn Cronin
    Shawn Cronin8 hours ago

    Matt that is definitely not something minnesotans would say. As one myself I'm fairly certain of that. Secondly people wonder why we love our winter weather. If you look past the cold it's beautiful and there are a lot of things to do to have fun.

  • Evil
    Evil21 hour ago

    I still can’t believe this was Texas a week ago

  • Caden Down
    Caden Down21 hour ago

    its was -29 in nebraska so yeah 2 ft of snow it was we still have 1 ft of snow

  • PafKing
    PafKingDay ago

    Привет из Казахстана

  • Marshall Oram
    Marshall OramDay ago

    And you know enough to to check traction by hitting the brakes hard on an open stretch. Cheers. Now get good at steering it on it when the backend brakes loose. 👍🏼 I love snow, and love your enthusiasm! It’s magical. Oh hit 15:50 and you got it. But snow is a tab bit more slippery than mud ;)

  • Justin
    JustinDay ago

    Global Warming couldn't fool people, so they switched it to Climate Change.

  • Alex Fellinger
    Alex FellingerDay ago

    Yo that isn’t even that much snow

  • Tankie_
    Tankie_Day ago

    as a minnesotan we do not say that lol XD keep up the videos!!

  • CrazyOzman3333
    CrazyOzman3333Day ago

    Come on you had to bring us Minnesotans up Lol and we actually have sunlight rn and it is 16 degrees so we are having good weather.

  • Jimmer B
    Jimmer BDay ago

    HaHaHa, youbetchya eh....

  • Jackyd 2005
    Jackyd 2005Day ago

    4:46 “it’s really comin down here”😂😂😂 that’s a good day in Canada bod😂😂 all jokes aside, good luck

  • Stephen Mitchell
    Stephen MitchellDay ago

    In Georgia the one or three days of snow is mostly sleet fun.....go buy all the bread, milk, Original circle back with family!

  • Shane Cox
    Shane CoxDay ago

    Wake up in years to come this will be the norm

  • Stephan Fourie
    Stephan FourieDay ago

    Watching this wishing for some cool air sitting in Tanzania 39c in the shade

  • Cats rule the universe
    Cats rule the universeDay ago

    In Colorado that’s like not enough to get school canceled that’s like normal

  • John Steele
    John SteeleDay ago

    Ha! You call this snow!?

  • Азмъ Есмъ
    Азмъ ЕсмъDay ago

    Welcome to Russia! Matt

  • Азмъ Есмъ
    Азмъ ЕсмъDay ago

    Там где я живу такое с ноября по апрель месяц, только снег высотой 1.5 метра....

  • jfg1517
    jfg1517Day ago

    Have you seen Finish Carpentry TV? It would be cool to see a collaboration. Hes also a Texan

  • jackhigh
    jackhighDay ago

    "40 days of snow like this???.... Id get tired" meanwhile the midwest is like I wish it was only 40

  • Krypto
    KryptoDay ago

    Texas: gets 3 inches of snow also Texas: everyone is dying. People in the north: get Gud bruh lol

  • This c**t

    This c**t

    Day ago

    I as a swede thinks its crazy how some people never get snow

  • Minnie
    MinnieDay ago

    Global cooling

  • Tim Bettis
    Tim Bettis2 days ago

    every midwesterner in these comments is like, "that looks like spring in wisconsin" crazy how an inch or two of snow makes an entire state go into chaos

  • lynnie p
    lynnie p2 days ago

    What were you doing travelling during the pandemic!

  • Katja Farbenfroh
    Katja Farbenfroh2 days ago

    no texas don ˋnt do that but geoengenering........ you donˋ nt believe check it out .💚🌳💚 love from germany -4degrees fahrenheit same thing Katja

  • Cameron Nelson
    Cameron Nelson2 days ago

    Thanks for the Idaho shoutout😁

  • Warren Harrison
    Warren Harrison2 days ago


  • J H
    J H2 days ago

    Won’t be the last time you see snow down there. Look into the grand solar minimum

  • Alexzander Cibelli
    Alexzander Cibelli2 days ago

    This is were the saying everything bigger in texas becomes true

  • Lame Hoes
    Lame Hoes2 days ago

    For the love of god Texas keep ur water dripping so ur pipes don’t bust 🙄

  • TrueNorth Patriot
    TrueNorth Patriot2 days ago

    First Winter Snowfall in Canada: "Isn't it pretty!" 20th Snowfall: "when is this $**t going to end!?"

  • RAH Capital
    RAH Capital2 days ago

    3:45 PEX will not burst. it takes triple the volume of water in the pipes at maximum freze expansion and then the crimp rings burst-not the pipe water doesnt expand to triple its size when it freezes, therefore they will not burst

  • Johannes
    Johannes2 days ago

    its going to look like this a lot from now on i think

  • Thomas yudizky
    Thomas yudizky2 days ago

    After a month of watching I'm officially caught up

  • Khall
    Khall2 days ago

    "Its coming down crazy now!" *Me In Iowa totes not laughing at that.*

  • Isis Perez
    Isis Perez2 days ago

    Wheres the abandoned mansion.....

  • Higgins 811
    Higgins 8112 days ago

    Look up the ice storm of 98 in Maine I'm a few years older then you but not much I was still young but it was crazy

  • Higgins 811
    Higgins 8112 days ago

    You have some really sensitive eyes. I'm from Maine if I could I'd send you some pics of what snow is really like. I do have a few vids with State troopers pushing a guy up a hill with there push bars kinda funny he was from down south I'll let you guess what State lol. Snow is fun just after months of it I've had enough and I've had to tunnel out of my front door many times not this yr yet thank God

  • Aoyoma Kenji
    Aoyoma Kenji2 days ago

    the freeze will be back next year

  • StormChasingVideo
    StormChasingVideo3 days ago

    No, not something we would say up here in Minnesota, Don'tca Know?

  • Shawn Cronin

    Shawn Cronin

    8 hours ago

    True that but, looks like good fishing Weather. Maybe we could take the sleds out and have some fun.

  • JustACasual


    Day ago


  • Matthew Bolarinho
    Matthew Bolarinho3 days ago

    He said relly comeing down me in new England when it’s 2 degrees and 2 feet of snow !

  • Jim Marshall
    Jim Marshall3 days ago

    With climate change, the extremes are likely to become more common in both directions. On your art, good idea, good cause, but if you photograph each one and auction it off by itself, and offer to combine shipping, I'll bet you will double your proceeds and the buyer of the one you like the least will be as happy as anyone, because he or she chose it.

  • ProjectRoxyV2
    ProjectRoxyV23 days ago

    I don’t say anything like that 😂 I’m from MN

  • Petals n Pearls
    Petals n Pearls3 days ago

    He’s like a little excited boy or puppy. So cute.

  • Ducky From Australia
    Ducky From Australia3 days ago


  • Melk
    Melk3 days ago

    To answer your question with why the parking lot was melting: Since Texas is usually pretty hot or warm all year round, the ground retains that heat so it acts as a heating pad for a short amount of time, especially asphalt. The more you know lol

  • Goldy Brinkman
    Goldy Brinkman3 days ago

    You can have the snow I’ll send it from NY we get to much

  • flintstone 024
    flintstone 0243 days ago

    Matt, you should come check idaho out sometime, we are basically the northwest Texas, would be more than glad to have you here

  • Forgotten Soul
    Forgotten Soul3 days ago

    Это всë из-за того что ты по баллонам с закисью азота стрелял :D

  • Shelbi Wolf
    Shelbi Wolf3 days ago

    minnesotans do not say stuff like that lmao. at least not the part the i’m from. and we don’t have mountains😂

  • Matthew Headley
    Matthew Headley3 days ago

    fyi, if its suppose to get below freezing, leave your inside water faucet dripping just a tad. means the water will continue to run slowly through the pipes which insures that it wont freeze because running water is harder to freeze.

  • Cody Wilson
    Cody Wilson3 days ago

    The reason the black top melted is because the black paint or tar gets hotter faster than anything else.

  • Stephan Du Toit
    Stephan Du Toit3 days ago

    He must be the coolest dad

  • Lex Shifflett
    Lex Shifflett3 days ago

    Here up north us proud boys was laughing at use texans about a little cold weather done shut ur whole state down.

  • William Strachan
    William Strachan3 days ago

    Duallies have worse traction in snow and ice conditions than a regular 4 wheel

  • KDom Plays
    KDom Plays3 days ago

    people from texas be lik yeah its soooo cold and it snowed lik 3 inches its an outbreak guys, its cold in winter who couldve thunk it

  • Sly Win
    Sly Win3 days ago

    in the cold, the mud rubber is very need to lower the tire pressure a little for traction.

  • REAPER 2/1
    REAPER 2/13 days ago

    Morning big Matt. ☕️☕️

  • Karla Brewster
    Karla Brewster3 days ago

    I never remember ever hearing my dad laugh like that. Laugh often

  • Neil gelinas
    Neil gelinas4 days ago

    Global warming!

  • Sarah Woods
    Sarah Woods4 days ago

    26° that’s not warm friend

  • Devin Sloan
    Devin Sloan4 days ago

    This guy talking about climate change like it aint real.

  • Petals n Pearls

    Petals n Pearls

    3 days ago

    It’s called geo engineering

  • tingley428
    tingley4284 days ago

    "global warming"

  • foist
    foist4 days ago

    "I would get tired of like 40 days of snow." Me 5 months into my 6 month winter, "YEAH IT REALLY AIN'T GREAT TO BE HONEST."

  • Graeme Freeman
    Graeme Freeman4 days ago

    Here In Scotland we would call that Snow a "wee flurry" but unfortunately would be expected in work. It's not snow unless its deeper than a foot! Anything less is just a disappointment.

  • Ryan Hadfield
    Ryan Hadfield4 days ago

    Locking your hubs for a dusting haha must be from Texas.

  • Adam Riemer
    Adam Riemer4 days ago

    Hopefully Texas is more prepared for next year. It was a cool -15 here for a few weeks and that's way warmer than it should be. Just normal I guess. I've never seen cold cause that much devastation. Stay strong 💪

  • Double barrel darl
    Double barrel darl4 days ago

    The Great Lakes are Michigan not Minnesota

    BIGCHEW4 days ago

    Always Remember ..Never Eat Yellow Snow .lol.

  • Dusten Strang
    Dusten Strang4 days ago

    Lol putting it in 4 wheel for that little snow classic southerner.

  • L. Carvel Wilson
    L. Carvel Wilson4 days ago

    Hang on tight, they grow up too quickly and then you get GRANDKIDS, which are the best!

  • Григорий
    Григорий4 days ago

    Типичная погода РФ с ноября по март

  • Skyler Hotchkiss
    Skyler Hotchkiss4 days ago

    as a idahoan I'm am honored for you to mention our state

  • Giacomo de Gasparis
    Giacomo de Gasparis4 days ago

    Global warming. We need to stop using oil and oil byproducts. Go electric everything. And renewable. That is the only way to stop making it worse. Oil is unnecessary, polluting, and has created a giant parasitic industrial complex that holds the whole world to ranson. The combustion engine is one step up from steam and is late 1800's technology.

  • Jaques Studly
    Jaques Studly4 days ago

    Take this opportunity to protect yourself from more pipe work by fixing your pipes so they don't freeze.

  • Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX}
    Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX}4 days ago

    How is everyone else so quiet, when he shoots from inside the car? I know for a fact how curious and noisy kids can be. Especially with all that historic amount of snowfall, in Texas.

  • Tyler Leeret
    Tyler Leeret4 days ago

    Coloradans when it hit -13f: "pffftt hold my beer Texas"

  • Cat Eating Chez Burger

    Cat Eating Chez Burger

    2 days ago

    It was -25f in nebraska

  • Zarlandris
    Zarlandris4 days ago

    Wish i was this exited every time i see snow.

  • Quarry 4x4
    Quarry 4x44 days ago

    Nice. Living in the tropics but the snow.

  • Weslee Miller
    Weslee Miller4 days ago

    Great video.

  • jar coleman
    jar coleman4 days ago

    this winter in pouder canyon colorado it took us 3 hours to get across a usualy 1 and a half hour ride. we literally could not see our hood.

  • Dylan LaFountain
    Dylan LaFountain4 days ago

    Spent so much time just watching the demo ranch videos and never knew this existed until today. I think I've found the best content creator on youtube.

  • Hope's World
    Hope's World4 days ago

  • Guy Webster
    Guy Webster5 days ago

    Hold on. You left for Florida while all of us freezed? You didnt hand out blankets and smile for cameras? 😳 what kind of a public figure are you?? 😂😂

  • Paul fortin
    Paul fortin5 days ago

    Bro why u wining up here in canada it’s snows for like 5 month and I’m in the most snowy part Quebec

  • Nathan L-L
    Nathan L-L5 days ago

    Next to no snow

  • Megan Anderson
    Megan Anderson5 days ago

    you SHOULD come see Minnesota... but we don't say "we're going to go see the Great Lakes"... we say "we're going up north to Superior" or "we're going to Duluth" or "toodalute"..... also... haven't you ever seen Fargo... use the accent when you say it...

  • James Brausch
    James Brausch5 days ago

    no seatbelt u will be sorry at some point

  • allfasten
    allfasten5 days ago

    No one ever in Minnesota "We're in Minnesota right now just heading up to the mountain top, we're gonna go check out Great" lol

  • Cesar Rivero - Figueroa
    Cesar Rivero - Figueroa5 days ago

    Me am my dad built a homemade shed around our tank , and it didn’t Freeze at all through out the whole snow storm

  • Asher Ward
    Asher Ward5 days ago

    welcome to the life of living in new england

  • Jeff allen
    Jeff allen5 days ago

    Should have been at Heavenly in lieu of FL

  • Minuteman Homestead
    Minuteman Homestead5 days ago

    lol you took it cause the cuda isnt done yet hahaha

  • Victor Lopez
    Victor Lopez5 days ago

    Minnesotan here, we just say going up north lol