Forcing Cleetus to Review a Weird Car He's Never Seen Before...


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  • Diana Cloyd
    Diana Cloyd6 hours ago

    Hey Matt this is Jacob ever get rid of that car US1 unique car and if I have the opportunity to get one like that I would have that is one unique car and very good condition good job congratulations

  • Sebastian Leith
    Sebastian LeithDay ago

    That car looks sick!! Love the the style. Needs a Texas speed 427, single 88mm turbski mounted up front with it showing through the grill. Lsx intake (low profile) Front mount inter cooler, Holley efi bigger radiator and definitely an engine shroud. 4link rear suspension new coil overs Brembo brakes. Maybe even do a mustang 2 front clip for the suspension components.

  • A2343
    A23432 days ago

  • Sheldon Bertram
    Sheldon Bertram3 days ago

    I have seen a few vw Beatles that way.

  • Russell Bros. Garage
    Russell Bros. Garage3 days ago

    Call that son of a bitch “ The Punisher “

  • Brent Svanberg
    Brent Svanberg4 days ago

    Love it!!. Would be the easiest engine/carb to tune💥

  • Wijibo
    Wijibo5 days ago

    One of my dream cars is a 1968 AMC, AMX.

  • Adrian Guardado
    Adrian Guardado5 days ago

    Put 2 engines in it

  • berk
    berk5 days ago

    You should turn it into an autocross car, that weight distribution is probably perfect

  • Zerad Evans
    Zerad Evans5 days ago

    Someone fucked up that car

  • Zerad Evans
    Zerad Evans5 days ago

    They didn't make a mid engine

  • G Crauwels
    G Crauwels5 days ago

    WTAF? XD

  • Joshua Uhl
    Joshua Uhl7 days ago

    Reused Hickok45 Title 👀👀👀

  • Stephen Mitchell
    Stephen Mitchell7 days ago

    Yep! I want it too! lol

  • The Caboose
    The Caboose8 days ago

    This rebel is sick 2k I'd buy any day

  • robert babb
    robert babb8 days ago

    its crap

  • Michael Seiber
    Michael Seiber9 days ago

    I like the body style . Never been into AMC either but it's kinda nice

  • Randall Cobb
    Randall Cobb9 days ago

    Move everything up back seat little rowdy cruise car

  • Randall Cobb
    Randall Cobb9 days ago

    Front engine convert it

  • Ed Jackson
    Ed Jackson10 days ago

    A nice cover for the engine and a set of wide wheels and this thing would be pretty cool looking

  • Ken H
    Ken H10 days ago

    I'm kind of disappointed that Cletus didn't recognize the car

  • no one
    no one10 days ago

    Cleet might of fit if he wasn't 7ft tall. lol

  • Jackson Gault
    Jackson Gault10 days ago

    Firewall hah! Whats that?

  • Harrison's Truth Media
    Harrison's Truth Media11 days ago

    Very sad if you have never seen one of these before

  • J k e gt
    J k e gt12 days ago

    Just missing the second motor 😂

  • John W
    John W12 days ago

    Put a blown hemi in it with a pro mod blower scoop poking out the windshield ... get cleetus and finegan on it ....

  • Noah Zahrn
    Noah Zahrn12 days ago

    AMC made all the Jeep’s before Chrysler bought them out!

  • d j

    d j

    11 days ago

    @Noah Zahrn I thought that might be the case. Since you edited it I'll delete the comment. Now it just looks like I am correcting a correct statement.

  • Noah Zahrn

    Noah Zahrn

    11 days ago

    @d j My b. That totally what I meant! Thank you for correcting me!

  • Dru Tang
    Dru Tang12 days ago

    killer body style!! 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Orestis Matos
    Orestis Matos12 days ago

    You should definitely put the engine back on front

  • Real Richmond
    Real Richmond13 days ago

    My first car was a AMC javelin that had probably rolled over 3 times since it was my dad's first car thru high-school till I got the keys.... it got t boned by a tiny little civic and I sold it (stupid me) , wish I still had it.

  • Jesse Renn
    Jesse Renn13 days ago

    It's in pretty decent cosmetic shape so maybe build it up? Make it NOT a deathtrap?

  • Cody Shields
    Cody Shields13 days ago

    Make it another burn out car

  • Tanner Barry
    Tanner Barry13 days ago

    HUMVEE still in intro

  • Greg Wilson
    Greg Wilson14 days ago

    Looks like a Bunker Branding sponsored Autocross car to me!

  • Emissary Of Elohim
    Emissary Of Elohim15 days ago

    70 Dodge (potential Fire Truck) 318 & a 66 Chrysler 300 383, clean trade on that silver. I'll even throw in a handshake and a smile. Edit I would love to see your mopar guys build em up proper.

  • Stuart Dockery
    Stuart Dockery16 days ago

    Move the engine to the backseat like a mid engine car should be lol

  • MiGujack3
    MiGujack316 days ago

    Tube chassis material.

  • Nick
    Nick17 days ago

    The old AMC heads share a lot with LS head design cathedral port heads

  • Ralph Adams
    Ralph Adams17 days ago

    Cool car ,some more work maybe lift it with a staright axle hop up engine or drop a small or big block chevy in,but move engine forward appix 12 inches itll be a slick wheel popping machine like a old gasser,use to have 55 chevy rear of engine appox even with inside of dash

  • Harawanagangsta
    Harawanagangsta17 days ago

    If I was broke I would daily that beautiful POS

  • cathy gambill
    cathy gambill18 days ago

    I like the fody style you guys should build it like your doin the El Camino

  • Zion Jarman
    Zion Jarman18 days ago

    This is roadkill all over

  • John Hawk
    John Hawk20 days ago

    Make into a drift car

  • John Hawk
    John Hawk20 days ago

    That one is crazy having the engine that far back is weird

  • mark sayers
    mark sayers20 days ago

    AMC American motors corporation . They have a javelin matador gremlin ambassador AMX and the biggest seller was the jeep

  • Mark Sinclair
    Mark Sinclair20 days ago

    Prostreet the Rebel she needs a lot of lovin' after all that

    ROBERT IVEY21 day ago

    Mount a couple machine guns under the hood batman style and fire em while driving around.

  • Ambro s
    Ambro s21 day ago

    @5:57 yep

  • Attila Bagota
    Attila Bagota21 day ago

    5:40 menet közben azért nem lehet suttogva beszélni... :-)))

  • Jay Weaver
    Jay Weaver21 day ago

    Love the lines on this car! If you ever decide to sell it please contact me.

  • Attila Bagota
    Attila Bagota21 day ago

    4:43 alapjáraton annyira nem is... :-)) not so much at idle ... :-))

  • Attila Bagota
    Attila Bagota21 day ago

    3:33 kicsit hangos lehet az utastér menet közben, nem? :-))) the cabin can be a little loud on the go, right? :-)))

  • Shawn Fox
    Shawn Fox21 day ago

    Nice looking car might put the engine back under the hood and fix it up a bit better and make it a family car or give it to one of your kids.

  • Frank Rizzo
    Frank Rizzo23 days ago

    Why mid engine? Rebel is a cool car but never saw onelike that before

  • HondaRider 97
    HondaRider 9723 days ago

    I got a 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 with 146000 original miles it's been in my family since it came off the lot from my great-aunt and I am willing to sell it to you if you want it

  • Conner English
    Conner English23 days ago

    What’s the little pouch you have on your belt all the time? Is that a little med kit or something? 😂

  • Justin Thomas
    Justin Thomas23 days ago

    "Will it do a burnout?" "....can I try?"

  • Life in Washington
    Life in Washington24 days ago

    Matador, Eagle also

  • mkgtmg
    mkgtmg25 days ago

    Needs a LS stat

  • BassRanger 10
    BassRanger 1025 days ago

    I have a 401CI AMC big block for that car if you're ever interested

  • chefbeardsly
    chefbeardsly25 days ago

    I feel like Cleetus is related to Blake Shelton

  • Joseph Wisner
    Joseph Wisner25 days ago

    I knew Matt was a cow bell man

  • Nick Pollay
    Nick Pollay25 days ago

    At 2:51 nobody gonna mention the expanding foam filled expedition in the back?? That should be awesome

  • James Brasch
    James Brasch25 days ago

    Rebuild it to factory

  • Richie not so rich
    Richie not so rich26 days ago

    "it's pretty much a Lamborghini." "Yeah, pretty much the same thing.". 😅😂🤣

  • grapeslush
    grapeslush26 days ago

    Tube frame it, throw a 427 in it UNDER the hood no mid engine bs and drag race it

  • Matt L
    Matt L26 days ago

    i want that car

  • Frank S
    Frank S26 days ago

    I actually like the body lines and would love to see this car in Cleetus's hands

  • 240sx95
    240sx9526 days ago

    They made the javelin to wich is sexy

  • Chad B
    Chad B26 days ago

    Omg let's modify it and make a no prep car!

  • Lauren Konno
    Lauren Konno26 days ago

    I want a 2 door Hornet

  • Gravity Storm
    Gravity Storm26 days ago

    My dream car was the AMX.

  • Dylan Marshall
    Dylan Marshall26 days ago

    sell it to vice grip garage.... shes a goin to town unit

  • Heart of Texas Barn Finds and Classic's
    Heart of Texas Barn Finds and Classic's27 days ago

    Never seen That Before

  • Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds27 days ago

    Tube chassi it, tubs, big hp. Majke a unique 7 second car.

  • Jim McEwen
    Jim McEwen27 days ago

    Wheelie car

  • Bulldog_055
    Bulldog_05527 days ago

    Name the car the grim reaper because of how dangerous it is

  • eric D
    eric D27 days ago

    Mid engine usually is behind the driver not in would be cool though to do it right and relocate it to the rear...

  • AconesWorld
    AconesWorld27 days ago

    Wow what a find! I subscribed instantly.

  • Frank Lea
    Frank Lea27 days ago

    Look up AMC Rebel Machine, that's what you need to do to this car!!!

  • Jæ Š
    Jæ Š28 days ago

    Close the firewall over and rout the intake under the hood to make it drivable. Put a huge trumpet inlet runner on it.

  • Ryan Lindsay
    Ryan Lindsay28 days ago

    Haha cletus looked baked

  • sam adams
    sam adams28 days ago

    That car needs a 632 with a 2 speed tubbed out with some fat tires tucked inside.

  • Casey Smyth
    Casey Smyth28 days ago

    thos Rebles looked like the Chevelles and the Ramblers looked like shoe box novas....

  • Merica Freedomland
    Merica Freedomland28 days ago

    That 6 foot upper radiator hose got me lmaooo

  • Keegan Howard
    Keegan Howard28 days ago

    Matt is living every mans dream I swear

  • DatOneWhiteDad
    DatOneWhiteDad28 days ago

    paint it black!

  • Good Grinds Welding
    Good Grinds Welding28 days ago

    I think CM should ditch the 80's TOAST and embrace the 60's. This AMC has WarBird potential. But I'm gen X so that's why I love the old muscle.

  • Jeramiah Sampson
    Jeramiah Sampson28 days ago

    Make it a rear engine now 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • George
    George28 days ago

    "What was the goal of this?" hahah

  • Jeramiah Sampson
    Jeramiah Sampson28 days ago

    I would love to have that car

  • Christian Stearns
    Christian Stearns28 days ago

    The amx and the javelin are really cool

  • Timothy Frsnks II
    Timothy Frsnks II28 days ago

    Perfect wheelie car

  • derek Hartline
    derek Hartline28 days ago

    I miss mine

  • Jay Sims
    Jay Sims28 days ago

    That care would have been worth 10 grand if it were stock. What a bummer.


    Lol that is one of the weirdest things I’ve seen in my 51 years total death trap

  • Josh Holohan
    Josh Holohan28 days ago

    You've got to sell that to the roadkill guys 😂

  • Benjamin Totallynotalt
    Benjamin Totallynotalt28 days ago

    Its like a steam engine. Super loud, and the dangerous part is right in your face.

  • Benjamin Totallynotalt
    Benjamin Totallynotalt28 days ago

    Yeah you really dont want to do one of those “pull until the engine explodes” races with that

  • woodsy AB38
    woodsy AB3828 days ago

    Bigger engine bigger tires go drag racin