New Bronco Parts and Damage Report on El Chromino...


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I get lots of comments asking about my equipment, here is what I use to make my videos!
Main Camera
Secondary Camera


  • Tony Perez
    Tony Perez12 days ago

    No u gotta get it

  • Rocky Phillips
    Rocky Phillips13 days ago

    Please don’t give it to whislindiesel

  • Dan McConnell
    Dan McConnell14 days ago

    Give him the Raptor as a roller. You said you would give it to him... you didn't say complete or running. Swap that motor into a dune buggy or something cool...

  • Emissary Of Elohim
    Emissary Of Elohim15 days ago

    Matt, you are the perfect example of learn as you go.

  • Tim Barrier
    Tim Barrier16 days ago

    @DemolitianRanch that wine is power steering. I’m not sure, the raptor might be electric steering, but I think it’s power steering. It’s a familiar sound because I just had the same sound. Filling the fluid fixed it instantly.

  • Christopher Pettway
    Christopher Pettway17 days ago


  • Jake Zadra
    Jake Zadra19 days ago

    Matt don’t do it😂 c’mon don’t give the raptor away

  • Crossed Rifles
    Crossed Rifles23 days ago

    The Bronco needs some accent Air Force blue and silver on the exterior. Put the aircraft BUNO number somewhere along with all crew names. Something subtle somewhere would be nice.

  • Kristján Kristjánsson
    Kristján Kristjánsson23 days ago

    6000 shirts sold and i get the raptor?

  • Sam Wilson
    Sam Wilson23 days ago

    Please sir don't give him the Raptor cuz the Raptor is so cool and amazing please don't give it too him 🙏🥺

  • Trig
    Trig24 days ago

    At 8k shirts Matt gives me his gold Desert Eagle

  • K4rvanaama
    K4rvanaama24 days ago

    Give the raptor away, and buy new RAM TRX!

  • Sergio Gonzalez
    Sergio Gonzalez24 days ago

    All the rust and hole on the Chromino works as weight reduction lol

  • Makin Waves
    Makin Waves25 days ago

    Just saying, I'd love to meet you Matt, and I will be in san anyonio this weekend for the Saxet gun show and would love to give you a couple boxes of ammo my father and I have been making for the last 3 years professionally.

  • LSX Cowboy Thomas
    LSX Cowboy Thomas25 days ago

    When you deliver the Raptor to Whistlindiesel, pull the truck up, you two walk in to his garage, you ask him “ Hey man what’s in all these boxes?” Cut open box, and BOOM 40 cases of the tattoo shirts! 🤣

  • TripleHeXclown
    TripleHeXclown25 days ago

    10k shirts 👕 give him the raptor

  • Dem BoyZ
    Dem BoyZ26 days ago

    Start a new channel for cars!! Restoration Ranch!!

  • David Fox
    David Fox26 days ago

    Get parts from Jeff's Bronco Graveyard

  • Glenn Nesmith
    Glenn Nesmith26 days ago

    Don't tell Mere; don't tell Mere; Don't tell Mere. Matt, you need to capture the bullet that goes through the Raptor and display it in the store with then 5,001 shirt, which you shoot at the same time. Above, below or next to them, two labels: Date XXXX; "I wouldn't buy that shirt." Then, Date XXXX, 5,000 shirt sold. I know you'd like seeing the display ... and watching Mere see the display.

  • William Brewer
    William Brewer26 days ago

    No i love your rapture

  • Cody Moore
    Cody Moore26 days ago

    The bronco would make a good fire truck

    ÆON VOX27 days ago

    A matte finish clearcoat would preserve the patina.

  • Anna
    Anna27 days ago

    Once the bronco is finished you should give it away to someone in the military that follows you in honor of your friend who passed!

    DAVID LABAR28 days ago

    Make a Channel called Matt’s Garage

  • Broo_sh
    Broo_sh28 days ago

    wait What 5k Shirts and you give him your raptor hell no thats a kick in balls deal


    3:43 I thought the HGM box was a Kitkat

  • Simon r
    Simon r28 days ago

    The El Chromeano once belonged to Fred Flintstone!!!

  • Logical Guy
    Logical Guy28 days ago

    What's stopping him from just buying the shirts .... good deal.

  • Joyce Buxton
    Joyce Buxton28 days ago

    Wheres all the new videos of the new big house at?????? I keep looking for watching every videos of the built.....

  • Bo K.
    Bo K.28 days ago

    I think that could be your idler pully

  • Benjamin Totallynotalt
    Benjamin Totallynotalt28 days ago

    Im really not a car guy (more like a gamer kid), but i find this stuff real cool.

  • Dustyn Lethcoe
    Dustyn Lethcoe28 days ago

    Man how many miles are on that beast? You've had that raptor for so long now it's tempted me to get one.

  • guido smith
    guido smith28 days ago

    That Bronco is a beast finish it please.

  • Bob C
    Bob C28 days ago

    The filming is terrible. You don't even keep the camera in one spot long enough for viewers to actually see anything. Use a tripod, please.

  • mills racing
    mills racing28 days ago

    They don't have power steering pumps

  • Mark Lee
    Mark Lee29 days ago

    you gotta give the rapror to whistlin diesel, after you shoot it...then his truck and head will have a 50 cal hole in them

  • Spaz
    Spaz29 days ago

    Give him the Raptor and get a Ram TRX. Makes the Raptor look like a Ridgeline.

  • RazorCharlie
    RazorCharlie29 days ago


  • John Parrish
    John Parrish29 days ago

    Maybe the alternator

  • Reuben McMillion
    Reuben McMillion29 days ago

    Yeah that whistle in your truck is definitely the alternator if I’m right then say so on ur next video

  • Reuben McMillion
    Reuben McMillion29 days ago

    That whistle noise in your truck is probably your alternator

  • Wayne Bake
    Wayne Bake29 days ago

    That sound is just a normal Ford power steering noise. Maybe change out the fluid but you're probably fine!

  • Euro Shane
    Euro Shane29 days ago

    Well you can kiss that raptor goodbye you dont want your stuff back after whistlin diesel borrows it just ask his grandpa 😂😂

  • Aaron Hudgens
    Aaron Hudgens29 days ago

    headphone warning for that vacuum, holy shit

  • Josh Gotter
    Josh Gotter29 days ago

    Matt’s face when he realizes he is giving a raptor to whistlindiesel

  • Glenn Knai
    Glenn Knai29 days ago

    Do this thing some justice with a new body

  • Glenn Knai

    Glenn Knai

    29 days ago

    the chromino

  • Zach Gaudet
    Zach Gaudet29 days ago

    you truck sounds like it is the timing belt but i might be wrong

  • L Brown
    L Brown29 days ago

    Make the bronco a duly

  • Joe Schlotthauer
    Joe Schlotthauer29 days ago

    Where'd you get the LED headlights...

  • Joe Schlotthauer
    Joe Schlotthauer29 days ago

    That whine is the differential...

  • Shawn Miles
    Shawn Miles29 days ago

    You made my husbands day with those gauges. Thanks man

  • Spencer Weigand
    Spencer WeigandMonth ago

    Lovin all the car content lately

  • Ty Szydlowski
    Ty SzydlowskiMonth ago

    6:13 Thats what she said.

  • Jacob Haycox
    Jacob HaycoxMonth ago

    Try replacing the belt on the raptor

  • Joseph Jamison
    Joseph JamisonMonth ago

    Whistlindiesel caught a 50 cal ricochet in the head, so he clearly doesn't make great decisions

  • After Palos
    After PalosMonth ago

    Hey guys its coming I can't wait for upload lol NEW channel plz SUB First 1k

  • david morton
    david mortonMonth ago

    Well. If your shirts are $20 and you sell 5000. That's a $100k. You can but the new V6 raptor 🤷🤢 or something better 🤣

  • Mika Allard
    Mika AllardMonth ago

    El Cromino!

  • DustyBalz
    DustyBalzMonth ago

    I had a 82 full size straight 6 300 in it with a 6" suspension lift 4"body lift with 38/18/12.50 on it. I wish I would have never gotten rid of it.

  • Josh Greenwell
    Josh GreenwellMonth ago

    Would make a sick tattoo

  • BluDruw
    BluDruwMonth ago

    Matt needs the tattoo

  • lskillerl
    lskillerlMonth ago

    sounds like water pump going

  • Patrick O'Brien
    Patrick O'BrienMonth ago

    Whistlin diesel's diesel whistles cuz matt plays his skin flute. I said what I said.

  • zachary poitras
    zachary poitrasMonth ago

    where’s the corvette

  • Mikey Alexander
    Mikey AlexanderMonth ago

    Matt, please don't give your raptor away thats a real man's truck😢

  • Mike D
    Mike DMonth ago

    I really don’t understand the destroy a nice vehicle for views thing.

  • EchoState
    EchoStateMonth ago

    Matt do you still work at the vet clinic? You don't post anything about it anymore :(

  • General Grievous
    General GrievousMonth ago

    I can't wait to see the Bronco completed

  • Skely
    SkelyMonth ago

    Too bad you couldn't put in an actual six pack if ya know what I mean.

  • jimbo111589
    jimbo111589Month ago

    Ford and power steering whine. A tale as old as... well as old as power steering LOL. My dads old '89 F150 had that sound, it's nostalgic for me.

  • Yuibot
    YuibotMonth ago

    Im jelly. My first vehicle in 1997 was a 1985 full sized was a beast. I wish I still had it. 8 miles to the gallon baby

  • Dave YouTube
    Dave YouTubeMonth ago

    He will buy 3000 shirts for a raptor. insanity!! make it at least 15000 min

  • Dave YouTube

    Dave YouTube

    Month ago

    Better yet give it to a subscriber that has one old truck and cant work and my wife lost her job because of virus. Any poor subscriber will be awesome!!!

  • Dave YouTube

    Dave YouTube

    Month ago

    i guess its worth it because 2000 shirts is 50,000 and 3000 is 75,000

  • DHG Ragnarok
    DHG RagnarokMonth ago

    do you plan to completely fi the el camino? it would look amazing completely fixed and maybe painted professionally with chrome. especially with the new engine in there

  • Travis Smith
    Travis SmithMonth ago

    Why would Whistlin want the raptor? It's a gas engine.

  • Peter Ambelang
    Peter AmbelangMonth ago

    Might be a pulley bearing or something. My dads 4runner has the same sound and that’s the issue

  • Mr. Sandman
    Mr. SandmanMonth ago

    4,000 shirts and you get a follower down to shoot guns with you?

  • mike BENOIT
    mike BENOITMonth ago

    What do you think about 404 Bidens stopping the Pipeline

  • Bill Hubbard
    Bill HubbardMonth ago

    Check Power steering fluid levels

  • Morgan Peek
    Morgan PeekMonth ago

    Ram 1500 TRX sounds like an awesome replacement. Either that or an old power wagon. Loved those as well.

  • mike BENOIT
    mike BENOITMonth ago

    For hoses

  • mike BENOIT
    mike BENOITMonth ago

    Go to NAPPA auto

  • mike BENOIT
    mike BENOITMonth ago

    Tell Family I said Hi and tell Dad I said Hi Brother Matt

  • John RAMBO
    John RAMBOMonth ago

    Do not give the raptor to whistlin diesel that is freaking stupid I don't want to see him wreck that thing losing all credibility

  • William Best Hewitt232
    William Best Hewitt232Month ago

    Give the raptor to whistlindiesel and pick up the Ram TRX?

    JAFKOTAMonth ago

    If you hit 4000 Paint the Raptor Glossy Gold!! hahaha who is with me?

  • andObrian
    andObrianMonth ago

    You should make a t shirt with crazy pictures of what you will do if you sold a certain amount... Like the shot through your truck bed should have been a print on a shirt.. And say this is a foreshadow and it will happen if a certain amount is sold...

  • Aaron Welliver
    Aaron WelliverMonth ago

    I want to shirt but will not be purchasing one until the raptor is off the table.

  • Gearheads and Gamers
    Gearheads and GamersMonth ago

    take that texas speed motor turbo it and stick it in the bronco and hit the dunes !

  • Isaiah Patten
    Isaiah PattenMonth ago

    My guy I was going into 7th grade when you got the bronco. I'm turning 18 this year when is this going to be done.

  • Jose David
    Jose DavidMonth ago

    Lmaoo whistlindiesel will buy 5k shirts himself

  • Ecoboost Jensen
    Ecoboost JensenMonth ago

    Is that a 5.4 triton powered raptor?

  • G man
    G manMonth ago

    I like the shirt idea. Dumb idea with WD.

  • Bubbaphily
    BubbaphilyMonth ago

    Give the raptor away to get a trx rebel

  • F350 Gaming
    F350 GamingMonth ago

    You should do a liveStream when the bronco gets done being built

  • Nevada Random
    Nevada RandomMonth ago

    Don't give up the Raptor!

  • Austin.T
    Austin.TMonth ago

    Leaving a like just for the message on the dash cluster. Been following this build since you started it and I can’t wait to see the finish product.

  • shaddorry
    shaddorryMonth ago

    The "old look" in IT is called a sleeper computer. Do they say something similar in cars?

  • RunV5
    RunV5Month ago

    I know this is late but how about 4 thousands shirts sold and you DONT shoot the raptor??

  • A V
    A VMonth ago

    Its probably the alternator. The power steering pump will whine more on turning the wheel, not accelerating unless you turn the steering wheel.

  • Declan Young
    Declan YoungMonth ago

    What year is the bronco