Renovating an Abandoned Mansion Part 31


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  • Cleetus McFarland
    Cleetus McFarland20 days ago


  • Pinto Gaming

    Pinto Gaming

    7 days ago


  • gentlejake605


    11 days ago

    Second obviously not but I cam dream lol jkjk

  • Coby Smith

    Coby Smith

    12 days ago

    Are you okay! From the fifty bmg

  • David Portnoy

    David Portnoy

    13 days ago

    but i can see you in the rear mirros...

  • Julie Cairns

    Julie Cairns

    14 days ago

    What are you, 12 years old?

  • Rusty Wrench2
    Rusty Wrench2Hour ago

    Hey Mat that is great. Love the house and garage. Binge watched all 31 episodes today. I liked the Jerry Miculek reference with the tool belt. Keep up the good work.

  • NotFreeze
    NotFreeze3 hours ago

    I literally watched every episode in this series in 2 days... now I’m stuck waiting on the next one...

  • Paula Foltz
    Paula Foltz4 hours ago

    Our on demand Hot water heater has to be flushed about every year. The house is looking soooo good!

  • Teri Homan
    Teri Homan7 hours ago

    Call it the "Risen Mansion" or the "Rising Sun Mansion." Not so abandoned anymore.

  • nick cogswell
    nick cogswell13 hours ago

    1:27 was that your rooster

  • foist
    foistDay ago

    Getting to the point you can no longer fire guns inside it anymore. Shame.

  • Johny Boy
    Johny BoyDay ago

    Gonna be amazing when it’s finished and that view did u see the view lol

  • Dieudonne Faida
    Dieudonne FaidaDay ago


  • Daniel Harris
    Daniel HarrisDay ago

    Youre impressed by that?? Google Colorado!

  • Beth Trumm
    Beth TrummDay ago

    Take a shot for every time he says "Look at that view!"

  • Tilling's Excavation
    Tilling's ExcavationDay ago

    whats taking so long with this god awful project of yours?! your even stringing it out to make more video = more $$$ or you dont have a clue what your doing

  • MrJack08722
    MrJack08722Day ago

    "Tear it down". "But honey its a mountain" "TEAR IT DOWN" "yes mam". ah... Marriage.

  • Chris Farkas
    Chris FarkasDay ago

    I wonder if the previous owner watches.

  • lor. Ei.
    lor. Ei.Day ago

    instead of glueing on the stone, why dont you just build the house out of the stone??? like every european country.

  • RocMan
    RocManDay ago

    If u r sticking with the white roof, bad idea! It looks like a insane asylum! Im terribly sorry to tell u the information!

  • Tanmoy saha
    Tanmoy saha2 days ago

    Mountain top looks cool...don't change

  • Rebekah Spears
    Rebekah Spears2 days ago

    I started watching close to the beginning of this series, but missed the past month or two, so I’m having to catch up. Loving how things have progressed.

  • Melissa Young
    Melissa Young2 days ago

    You guys are great, love watching your episodes. I’m starting a journey that will have a whole lot of demolition. Thank you for the inspiration

  • SkippyDiamond YT
    SkippyDiamond YT2 days ago

    This man is living his dream

  • Андрей Перепелица - Недвижимость
    Андрей Перепелица - Недвижимость3 days ago

    you can never get tired of this view!

  • Georgana Sherer
    Georgana Sherer3 days ago

    I'm curious to know how much you have in the project including the purchase of the home?

  • Deano Stevenson
    Deano Stevenson3 days ago

    leave the pile

  • Ghani x
    Ghani x4 days ago

    keep that mountain:(

  • Bigdawgsgottaeat 50
    Bigdawgsgottaeat 504 days ago

    Can’t believe I’ve watched this series from the beginning, shows great things always take time

  • Robert Banks
    Robert Banks4 days ago

    No ammo shortage here.

  • Bo Andresen
    Bo Andresen4 days ago

    I dare you, say look at that view one more time 😄

  • Adam Atch
    Adam Atch4 days ago

    Mare seems fucking annoying

  • Adam Atch
    Adam Atch4 days ago

    It’s kinda sad that you lot destroyed that mountain like that been there for hundreds of years then you destroy it

  • Jaques Studly
    Jaques Studly4 days ago

    How much off-grid power do you have on that site? GET MORE. A storm is coming.

  • Jaques Studly
    Jaques Studly4 days ago

    I like dirt piles. They protect you from bullets in an SHTF situation... of course they can also block your fields of fire. So... Judicious use of high explosives?

  • Jaques Studly
    Jaques Studly4 days ago

    Well, I don't see a single fireman's pole anywhere, let alone a dancing pole. You did get an anti-bullshit bunker @0:31 so that helps.

  • TheRjjrjjr
    TheRjjrjjr4 days ago

    Oh, man! I wish I had donated my kidney stones!!!

  • Armando Estrada
    Armando Estrada4 days ago

    Hey Matt are you putting solar panels on top of your house

  • Kathleen Wheeler
    Kathleen Wheeler4 days ago

    Wow! What more can you say!

  • Shawna Davis
    Shawna Davis5 days ago

    Would ya just look at these rocks 😆

  • Nuna Yobusiness
    Nuna Yobusiness5 days ago

    Well there goes your only windbreak and possible landscape personality. Dude their come a time to say no! Also the wall rock looks better IMO.

  • Christopher Williams
    Christopher Williams5 days ago

    Matt, do you have plans to run ethernet cables before you close up the walls? That it a very big house and you’ll want to run and install multiple Wireless access points through out and on each level.

  • Emre Kayacan
    Emre Kayacan5 days ago


  • Norman
    Norman5 days ago

    RUN ETHERNET!!!!!!!!

  • Gary Bacon
    Gary Bacon6 days ago

    flat track in the front yard

  • Kris Leonard
    Kris Leonard6 days ago

    Looks terrific!!!!!!

  • Asdfs Gffg
    Asdfs Gffg6 days ago

    Can we have a moment of silence for the Mountain that was tore down 😢

  • Thisis invenice
    Thisis invenice6 days ago

    For the ACs you should have done packaged units on the roof... Much quiter

  • Staffan Lundgren
    Staffan Lundgren6 days ago

    Did you throw all old fasade stones away ? You could do a feature with a raist area On the front side with some trees /plants and nice looking boulders / like the hill you tore out but mutch lower. Use old stone from house for support walls.. I think that would make the front yard less sterile. Do a Japanese stone garden mayby, those are beautifull , I think the surrounding landscape would match that estetic. The house lock real nice by the way. Its was the right moment that you bought the place 10 more years and The water ingress had made the place mutch more destroyed...

  • 1septemberluv
    1septemberluv6 days ago

    “You can have coffee somewhere els” hahaha yup sounds like a wife

  • Nancy Beck
    Nancy Beck6 days ago

    Wow, it's beautiful......And the Views!

  • Fisher Pope
    Fisher Pope6 days ago

    Put a fountain in the front

  • Stan Giles
    Stan Giles6 days ago

    I bet the mountain had good internet signal

  • Stan Giles
    Stan Giles6 days ago

    I loved that mountain

  • erererrer rererer
    erererrer rererer6 days ago

    Красивый вид открывается

  • khwaac
    khwaac7 days ago

    The stone looks nice

  • Pinto Gaming
    Pinto Gaming7 days ago


  • Kerwas
    Kerwas7 days ago

    hmmmm that's not the kind of stone I was talking about got finally stones on your House. ^^

    JOSEPH GIELLO7 days ago

    Why don't you put up motion activated cameras on a tripod..Then you wont miss any work!!!!!! Then you wont be moving all around making us dizzy while you film....Just a suggestion!!!!!

  • Garrett Lehmann
    Garrett Lehmann7 days ago

    Bout Ready for drywall

  • Matt Dniels
    Matt Dniels8 days ago first vid of renovating an abandoned mansion

  • Weston Carpenter
    Weston Carpenter8 days ago

    Holy fuck as some one who builds for a living lemme just say. 1. Nice choice in tankless water heaters. 2. That shower is gonna be sweet 3 I cannot wait to see the barrel ceiling once it is finished ive done multiple and they always look so good. 4. THE VIEW.

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu8 days ago

    The, “Yes ma’am” is what got me 😂

  • Wiqidz
    Wiqidz8 days ago

    So humble. Don't see that everyday from a guy with a mansion

  • Wiqidz
    Wiqidz8 days ago

    So humble. Don't see that everyday from a guy with a mansion

  • oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu

    8 days ago

    phone gimbal?? Awesome stuff though!

  • Hayden Ketchum
    Hayden Ketchum8 days ago

    I wonder if he’s putting a gun range in

  • tt5
    tt59 days ago

    stop talking about the view pls

  • Morgan Blazy
    Morgan Blazy9 days ago

    my mom has like 5 of those solar panel portable chargers, worth the buy

  • Britney Yates
    Britney Yates9 days ago

    Been watching this adventure since day one and FINALLY you moved that mound of dirt in the front !!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy9 days ago

    When you dig out that big mound of dirt in the front of the house you should put a fountain in the center

  • Marian Sdraila
    Marian Sdraila9 days ago

    Still doing the exterior water heater after the freezing cold temperatures? Probably not a good idea! Matt Risinger was just talking about that type of water heaters a few days ago!

  • Robs Koi Pond
    Robs Koi Pond9 days ago

    Better spray insulate All that outside wall plumming. Or broken pipes will happen in the freezing weather.

  • nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    9 days ago

    Excited to see the finished product

  • oliver marshall
    oliver marshall9 days ago

    so f***ing cool

  • Sean Corcoran
    Sean Corcoran9 days ago

    its looking so awesome matt

  • AlphaOmega
    AlphaOmega9 days ago

    Ripping that beautiful mountain top down :-( , it looks awesome, what the heck .. my first downvote on any of your channels

    MANN MEDIA9 days ago

    Wow! Your rich. Great job.

  • Fillup1957
    Fillup19579 days ago

    The renovation progress is coming along nicely. I call it, "Renovation Mansion" The exterior finishing touches are looking good. I can't wait for the interior fixings to be installed. Best wishes to the Carrikers and to the contractors and supporters of the project.

  • r h
    r h9 days ago

    It would've been cool to incorporate the demo ranch symbol into the chimney stonework.

  • Melissa Renee
    Melissa Renee10 days ago

    That white stucco against the blue sky is gorgeous!

  • Jeff Durfee
    Jeff Durfee10 days ago

    My wife was too shy to comment herself 😆, but she wants me to tell you she loves what you guys are doing, but the camera work makes her nauseous 🙂. Maybe a handheld phone gimbal?? Awesome stuff though!

  • Woody Phillips
    Woody Phillips10 days ago

    You are too smart😊❤

  • DanGoodShot pewpew
    DanGoodShot pewpew10 days ago

    Damn son. Now THAT is a life you can hang your hat on.

    OLIVIA HADDOCK10 days ago

    Have you got 2 house one big one and one family one

  • JacobusTV
    JacobusTV10 days ago

    Has anyone wondered how he's going to get good internet?

  • Needkey


    8 days ago

    Starlink, if nothing else.

  • Chris Spivey
    Chris Spivey10 days ago

    love it !!!!

  • Bacardibatman
    Bacardibatman10 days ago

    To move the mountain...... Excavator 😢 .. Thats why God made tannerite . And you'd have got a demo ranch & an Off the ranch episode out of it ;)

  • SnowGlobe Ninja
    SnowGlobe Ninja10 days ago

    Excited to see the finished product

  • Maggie Sue
    Maggie Sue10 days ago

    Texas limestone!

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt10 days ago

    no one: Matt every 3 minutes: "look at that view"

  • Jørgen M. Madsen
    Jørgen M. Madsen10 days ago

    looking amazing... well done.. Gonna be epic when finished and cant wait to see

  • Yannick Wendt
    Yannick Wendt10 days ago

    You can have your coffee somewhere else! hahaha Mere your awesome!

  • bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt

    10 days ago

    Hope the house made it through the Texas storm we had 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • Ted Mosby
    Ted Mosby10 days ago

    Завезите русских комментов!)

  • Rainbo Catz
    Rainbo Catz10 days ago

    Hey, Matt: what's the view like at your mansion?

  • Rainbo Catz
    Rainbo Catz10 days ago

    It's amazing that you call that "dirt!"

  • Haimy Ly
    Haimy Ly10 days ago

    Does Mere know you go up that high without a harness? I always feel so nervous when you do that lol

  • Person Human
    Person Human10 days ago

    I am jealous of your children

  • Edgar Garcia
    Edgar Garcia10 days ago

    Watching this a week plus later. But we just hit 4 mil on Off the Ranch

  • Brian Bailiff
    Brian Bailiff11 days ago

    from the drone view it Kinda reminds me of the house osama bin laden was hiding out in pakistan.

  • Toni Maliszewski
    Toni Maliszewski11 days ago

    Love it I want to see more, hurry up

  • William Winder
    William Winder11 days ago

    Who gets the house when Matt and Mere are gone?

  • Hayden Gorz
    Hayden Gorz11 days ago

    he should definitely have a gate at the entrance to his property that says demolition ranch and have his logo on either side

  • Gen Carelli
    Gen Carelli11 days ago

    Take pictures of all the vents and ducts also electrical, plumbing internally . If you ever need a repair you can refer to those photos.

  • HEll0
    HEll011 days ago

    i agree the mountain should stay but you do not argue with Mere

  • Sweet Cthulhu
    Sweet Cthulhu11 days ago

    The bathroom fan is called the fart fan in the industry.