Upgrades on the Cummins Fire Truck!!!!


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  • jdoginc
    jdoginc15 days ago

    You're supposed to unwrap while wearing oven mitts

  • cwuzii
    cwuzii18 days ago

    Do lockdown rules not exist in Texas? 🤣

  • junior palomares
    junior palomaresMonth ago

    Should of gone with a mx7000 code 3 light bar ...way brighter and everything!

  • Hunter Goodwin
    Hunter GoodwinMonth ago

    System of a Down nice

  • Nathan Anderson
    Nathan AndersonMonth ago

    What happened to the truck

  • Dylan Gries
    Dylan GriesMonth ago

    how do u edit u videos

  • Perry Suttle
    Perry SuttleMonth ago

    when Coronavirus is over you should go see Roman Atwood

  • JSack JSack
    JSack JSackMonth ago

    Lmao in hindsight maybe shouldn't have done this during a pandemic...

  • Kade Roller
    Kade RollerMonth ago

    What kind of PA system is that

  • Brutus Chapman
    Brutus ChapmanMonth ago

    This video sent me into a 4 hour system of a down loop.

  • Cooper Sullivan
    Cooper SullivanMonth ago

    Matt: will is start on this cold Texas morning Me: *looks outside* we got snow on the ground in ND

  • Aron Vink
    Aron VinkMonth ago

    Are you kidding me. 68 degrees is like a normal day for me :P.

  • Justin Guimbellot
    Justin Guimbellot2 months ago

    Seen the chief tonight out on I-20

  • David Coen
    David Coen2 months ago

    Hey Matt! I am looking for the cut off switch that u put in ur HUMVEE. I'm trying to fix up a '69 VW Bug and it has a electrical leak... I couldn't find the video you talked about the cut off switch. Thanks!

  • Cobra of King's
    Cobra of King's2 months ago

    Was that System of a Down Chop Suey in the background nice 👌

  • kapon101 s
    kapon101 s2 months ago

    I think the lights go really good with that truck you should try to get the middle light to work properly something easy to fix

  • PeachPython5082
    PeachPython50822 months ago

    "Its really cold out here it gets down to like 68°" dang I'm happy if it gets that warm during the day up here in North Dakota

  • Wooosh me if ur Mum dropped u as a baby
    Wooosh me if ur Mum dropped u as a baby2 months ago

    Video must “ do pew pews put out fires” just a thought

  • Andrew West
    Andrew West2 months ago

    I remember seeing the 12 valve on Craigslist 😂 for 12500

  • STINGER05 pro
    STINGER05 pro2 months ago

    68% lol here that is like a good summer day🤣

  • Travis Hartley
    Travis Hartley2 months ago


  • oree lachmish
    oree lachmish2 months ago

    When are you going to make another video about the fire truck

  • jerry adams
    jerry adams2 months ago

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  • Clint Bushman
    Clint Bushman2 months ago

    Heard System of a Down playing. Love love love!!!

  • Porter Cronin
    Porter Cronin2 months ago

    15:33 the emo ranch 😂😂😂😂

  • Alexandru Henegariu
    Alexandru Henegariu2 months ago

    I would use a code 3 flasher

  • Greg Willeby
    Greg Willeby2 months ago

    Just getting ready for the Christmas trees I just thought about it at 4 am. Lol. You are the greatest.

  • Jeremy Maloof
    Jeremy Maloof2 months ago

    Go EMO RANCH lol

  • TheSluglie
    TheSluglie2 months ago

    the lady in the pink top though, whoa momma

  • Scooby F’n Doo
    Scooby F’n Doo2 months ago

    Please have a cool paint job put on the fire truck

  • Dawson Wiswell
    Dawson Wiswell2 months ago

    Matt thinks it's cold at 68 degree's. Ha, decembers here are in the 20's or lower.

  • F A
    F A2 months ago

    Merry Xmas to you, ur family and the bunker branding family. Thx for the videos, they help when I need it, thx man.

  • bob nixon
    bob nixon2 months ago

    not loving the primer look needs a color that makes the red pop our.

  • MountainMan
    MountainMan2 months ago

    I'm guessing the 68° thing was a joke because under no circumstances is room temperature cold

  • Richard Pierce
    Richard Pierce2 months ago

    Much better camera last two episodes

  • Andrew’s Scaled Cars
    Andrew’s Scaled Cars2 months ago

    “It gets really cold at night in Texas, it gets to 68 degrees” Meanwhile in Wisconsin, its -2 degrees at 6pm

  • Oh BoiPrdse
    Oh BoiPrdse2 months ago

    Should get a yellow ladder and water tank and everything

  • Spencer Armistead
    Spencer Armistead2 months ago

    Matt: It gets really cold here at night. Gets like 68°. Me: Oh it gets really cold here in Illinois at night. It gets to like -5° I wonder how Matt would survive

  • Mason Hilliard
    Mason Hilliard2 months ago

    I’m making a conspiracy! Donut is secretly doctor disrespect. Call me out ion care

  • Kevin Butchart
    Kevin Butchart2 months ago

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

  • Oliver Vilca
    Oliver Vilca2 months ago

    68 is cold in texas... 40-30 is cold in maryland

  • Nate Mack
    Nate Mack2 months ago

    Sorry dude... but it still looks like Chief is wearing lipstick

  • MoJo JoJo
    MoJo JoJo2 months ago

    You should get a train horn Matt on the fire truck

  • The Gaming Milk
    The Gaming Milk2 months ago

    The gray on chief should be yellow!

  • Chris Folstrom
    Chris Folstrom2 months ago

    System of a down Christmas music lol

  • Praetorian
    Praetorian2 months ago

    Cold morning and Texas dont go together🤣

  • Austin gun
    Austin gun2 months ago


  • lexheng07
    lexheng072 months ago

    Awwwwww 60 degrees is So cold. Lol, Am from MN

  • Cuchulain
    Cuchulain2 months ago

    I would have never thought that you would have an Emo fire truck!!!!!??????

  • SteveInTheLife
    SteveInTheLife2 months ago

    "It's get cold down here at night in Texas, like 68 its rough" meanwhile in Minnesota ita -4°f

  • L B
    L B2 months ago

    That bumper... lipstick on a pig 🐷 :)

  • Joshua Mazzarini
    Joshua Mazzarini2 months ago

    Wtf is wrong with his toes

  • PlasticSin100
    PlasticSin1002 months ago

    Hearing "chop Suey" by System if a Down, on your video, REALLY made my day! Next year, I'm flying to Texas for Xmas! Have a good new year Demolitia x

  • Mista Old School
    Mista Old School2 months ago

    My lady’s family did this last Christmas and they did it slightly different lol we had to wear kitchen mitts to make it harder. It was fun!!!

  • Tony Olen
    Tony Olen2 months ago

    Some System Of A Down at the end of the party 👌 good music choice

  • Nels Demma
    Nels Demma2 months ago

    really its cold at 68 please we grow ice up here in anchorage

    MURIDYME MEHNATANI2 months ago

    Shower usplan.info/two/video/3357rqtilobEm54.html



    2 months ago

    Bottom half bathroom wall usplan.info/two/video/kn570WuqjIuohGs.html



    2 months ago

    Shower floor usplan.info/two/video/moeFxK-WqX_IkK4.html



    2 months ago

    Bathroom floor usplan.info/two/video/0YGBxoamiqLWZKY.html

    MURIDYME MEHNATANI2 months ago

    usplan.info/two/video/vYNn26GGm3a5sa4.html suburban the broken dream even wen achieved



    2 months ago

    It's too obvious..as camper.. but make it like the floor n pull up drawers.. seats on top... N then the pop up shelf makes walls n so does gear board.... Idjk full stealths base camp super decjed out.. lots of room...

    MURIDYME MEHNATANI2 months ago

    Assault buggy dopest dope.. but in my way usplan.info/two/video/13iXnaxleK3VqHw.html

    MURIDYME MEHNATANI2 months ago

    Frame underneath

    MURIDYME MEHNATANI2 months ago

    I want my bike rims to fit on car tires

  • The Snake In The Grass And Ostrich Show
    The Snake In The Grass And Ostrich Show2 months ago

    68 degrees at night? It’s supposed to be 30 degrees during the day tomorrow even tho today was 60😂 Kansas is bipolar

    MURIDYME MEHNATANI2 months ago

    1st amas gift!! By idk... Levi 501s!!! Boys... Not my size... Instantly.. another's gifts ..

  • X-Blade
    X-Blade2 months ago

    love the fact that he is complaining about it being 68 degrees during the night...

  • Cord Carter
    Cord Carter2 months ago

    We need more corvette content. You finished it but haven’t really driven it or shown it on camera since

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper2 months ago

    ha.... he thinks 68 is cold at night...lmao

  • Darren Neiger
    Darren Neiger2 months ago

    Matt! Check this out! This guy built this truck when he was a kid. vm.tiktok.com/ZMJsATLR8/

    MURIDYME MEHNATANI2 months ago

    I had no x mas.? I thought I was bad so I never tried but I never tried to be bad either I just knew sleazy easy wasn't capiecy .. tupac bezzy... Meaning my mom was a meany taking wat they gave me nbshecwas happy .. kinda .. for a lil till my stuff made her jealousy all bitchy... :/ Then the cops be tryna getvme n j just wanna be away like Shiloh

    MURIDYME MEHNATANI2 months ago

    Demo... Even if it's a no... Let's pass it to someone.. I'd like to make these in bulk as concept for Xmas toys... Box is quad tent, vest is lazer tag with plastic, bottles go ez bake tops idk bottles shoot metal bbs as 45, the 9mm shoots plastic, the rifle shoots paintball balloons (ez breaks) 22 shoots foams .. still got stretcher pedal med vehicle unit there's multiple in useful can make tanks

  • Edward Morley
    Edward Morley2 months ago

    lol it gets cold down here into the 60s at night. i wish merry charismas

  • olivier simonneau
    olivier simonneau2 months ago

    You should get one of those old school federal q siren

    R0BY0NEKAN0BY2 months ago


  • BrotherGrom
    BrotherGrom2 months ago

    Wow, a party with no masks. Seriously irresponsible and potentially illegal depending on your jurisdiction. I cannot in good conscious support a channel that actively promotes such flagrant disregard for the safety of their fellow countrymen.

  • Mikey Alexander
    Mikey Alexander2 months ago

    Every fire truck has an American flag! Get a flag pole in the bed of chief with the flag!🇺🇸

  • Abteilol
    Abteilol2 months ago

    If anyone has ever wondered why covid is (still) so sucessful in the usa, this right here is a prime example. 3500ppl dead every day but we better have a christmas party

  • Terry Pendergrass
    Terry Pendergrass2 months ago

    2:06 EXACTLY what I was thinking! hahaha she is definitely a clone!

  • thealphareich
    thealphareich2 months ago

    You could earn at least a little bit of respect back if you would just admit you're a covid denier. Someone of your educational background should know how irresponsible that party was. You're a shame on Texas.

  • Tristen Wilson
    Tristen Wilson2 months ago

    You could just upgrade the bulbs to led

  • HolleWood Furniture
    HolleWood Furniture2 months ago

    Love that Emo Ranch truck!

  • Dominic Difuccia
    Dominic Difuccia2 months ago

    Matt did you get a lights and sirens license for chief

  • Austin Barr
    Austin Barr2 months ago

    15:30 "Emo Ranch" lol

  • Master Basser
    Master Basser2 months ago

    he's gonna find out why they stopped using those kinda lightbars real quick lol

  • Jack FnTwist
    Jack FnTwist2 months ago

    Your genuine smiles (at the end) are priceless. :)

    MURIDYME MEHNATANI2 months ago

    It gets to 32 for hail fira bit.. but it ain't like living homeless with nonp coat in 15 degree weather with -5 wind-chill.. as the top temp...

  • Santiago Varela
    Santiago Varela2 months ago

    U should put a train horn 😈

  • Owen Mccright
    Owen Mccright2 months ago

    Hey Matt just wondering if you could send me the link of the siren I would like a PA system for my truck. Thanks!! The the vids man!

  • Kalvin Packer
    Kalvin Packer2 months ago

    I feel like Lincoln being upset he didn’t immediately show him there was gonna a siren too shows that the future of the Demolitia is truly in good hands

  • Tin Man's Tavern
    Tin Man's Tavern2 months ago

    Our early 2000s f350 brush truck has a rotating reflector light, they're cool as heck

  • The Ava Stark
    The Ava Stark2 months ago

    You gotta fix the middle spinning light it would look way better

  • tyson408
    tyson4082 months ago

    I got a big one.... a really big one ~ matt

  • tyson408


    2 months ago

    air raid siren !!! www.ebay.com/itm/5-Gray-Vintage-Compact-Automotive-Air-Raid-Siren-Horn-Alarm-Car-Truck-12-Volt/140905038699?hash=item20ce98436b:g:ERYAAOSwOFFdjPxQ

  • mc4906
    mc49062 months ago

    5:04 that's what they all say Matt.

  • tony eats deer meat and catfish
    tony eats deer meat and catfish2 months ago

    68 is higher than the high in missouri

  • SAS Joker PB
    SAS Joker PB2 months ago

    Anyone know what the jacket was that Eli double tap was wearing?

    MURIDYME MEHNATANI2 months ago

    This thing looks horrible... I don't want it... Don't talk to me

  • Paladin Entertainment
    Paladin Entertainment2 months ago

    Is the DRFD taking Volunteers? Lol.

  • damonkey 321
    damonkey 3212 months ago

    You need to get a Q-siren and put it on the bumper of cheif

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White2 months ago

    Hey, if your hard up for content, I would love it, can you shoot a gun Emo style? Or would the thought of shooting something just make you cry, lol, endless possibilities

  • Evan Lashway
    Evan Lashway2 months ago

    You should get Mere a gun she would like that

  • Rude Dog
    Rude Dog2 months ago

    I already get honey for free. --> LOL

  • H20Toie
    H20Toie2 months ago

    Should have put the antlers on it and called it rudolf